Stream of Consciousness

Just then the fire alarm went off and everyone stood up and started heading out of class. The teacher pointed to Shayde who was still sitting in his chair. Get moving Walker, it’s a fire drill. Shayde turned and sniffed the air. “No, it’s for real. I can smell the smoke. You better get outside … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness

Diangeli Arising Book Teaser

This book teaser comprises the entirety of Chapter 1 of my published book Diangeli Arising: The Immortal Twins Chapter 1 ~ June 28, 2008 - Bronx Park, New York Razakel and Lekazar lay on their stomachs on the warm green grass, in the afternoon summer sun. The blue sky was cloudless, except for a few wisps … Continue reading Diangeli Arising Book Teaser