My Published Books

Multiverse: Pain and Turmoil

The Multiverse Series revolves around a boy existing in parallel realities of varying circumstances where he struggles with physical, emotional, and mental challenges, working his way through darkness into the light on his path of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

Join Raven as he travels the earth paths of pain and turmoil…birthed through darkness, born into light. Teaser

Wolf: Wild Child Trilogy – Book 1


Abandoned–alone in the swamps of Louisiana at the age of four–Travis survives and returns to civilization a decade later; ignorant of human culture and his own true nature… Werewolf. Teaser

Beautiful People

Bullying, Peer Pressure, Ostracization. This is a coming of age story about a young girl who doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere, but who ultimately–finding herself–finds her tribe. Teaser

Diangeli Arising: The Immortal Twins


Though Razakel and Lekazar appeared to be normal human albinos, they were, in fact, immortal… immortal twins. Join Razakel and Lekazar as they struggle to understand their true natures and learn to once again open their wounded hearts to love. Enter the world of angels, demons, vampires… and diangeli, living hidden amongst humankind who are not only unaware of the supernatural amongst them but that the world as they know it would soon be coming to an end. Teaser

Diangeli Arising: Sanctuary

Experience the exciting sequel to Diangeli Arising: The Immortal TwinsJoin Lekazar, Razakel, and the other survivors of Earth, as they attempt to create a life for themselves deep beneath the destruction the polar shift has left on the surface of their world. Teaser

Stuck at Thirteen


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to simply stop aging? The idea of youthful immortality can be appealing. But what if you suddenly discovered that you were stuck at a certain age… mentally, emotionally, and physically? And what if that age was that of a young adolescent? You’d never be able to become a legal adult, get a full-time job, marry, or raise a family. How would others react to you? And what if the government was very interested in this unique ability that you had? This is a story and adventure of such a boy. Teaser

Simply Me

A simple message to adults and children alike to simply be yourself…

Zen-Chaos Doodles Coloring Books

The Zen-Chaos Doodle Coloring Books contain over 150 color-in doodles and are a fun activity for adults and children alike. All the drawings are hand-drawn using a pen-stylus on a drawing application through a mirror-effect process. The drawings all start out as random strokes without any preconceived plan–the Chaos–with the end result being a pleasing visual-effect, which when combined with the joyful and relaxing feelings that come with the act of coloring itself, creates the Zen.