Table of Contents Sticky

The following are links to the beginning of various stories I have blogged: Click on the link to the story you want to read and then simply navigate to "Next >" at the bottom of the post to follow the story sequentially. In situations where non-related posts are between story posts, you will see a … Continue reading Table of Contents Sticky

Unfinished Tales: Dragons

Chapter 1 “Sir! The dragon eggs are hatching!” The keeper currently in charge of watching over the dragon eggs reported to the project commander over his radio. Weiss widened his eyes in surprise. Though the eggs had been kept under incubation for centuries and carefully watched over, he never expected to see them even hatch, … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Dragons

Down the Drain

Despite the rain and chill in the night air, a young woman walks down the street, oblivious, as her mind is bathed in “warm sunshine” because her boyfriend has proposed to her. She is feeling so elated that she can’t help but stop and stare at the beautiful ring on her finger every minute or … Continue reading Down the Drain

Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 5

“Ha, that Daemon Ambassador put us in our place,” Stanley said in a humorous tone after turning off the television. His wife glared at him and said, “He most certainly did not! They made a promise to us which they have not kept. We never promised that we would live side by side. They are … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 5

Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 4

After three years the humans got curious and brave enough to begin to venture forth into Daemon territories and as word began to spread about their highly advanced and generally peaceful culture, the humans remembering the daemon promise of “improvements to the quality of their existence” sent their ambassadors to call in on that promise. … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 4

Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 3

The daemon chose the portion of the Earth to live on where the majority of humans had died, as it simply made the most senses to do so, bringing the population density of those areas almost back to where it had been before the loss of human life. Not knowing what the humans wanted to … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 3

Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 2

  Fortunately, for humanity the majority of the world’s population reside above 45th parallel north but even from a single day’s effect of the alien attack, one third of the Earth had been affected to where mass deaths occurred radiating outward from the equator to 25 degrees latitude north and south, which resulted in the … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 2

Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 1

No one expected the “apocalypse” to begin or end as it did. Visions and beliefs that the threat would come from below, from Hell, and humanity’s salvation would come from above, from the Heavens, was the complete opposite. The threat came from the “heavens” as an attack by what appeared to be angels in form--winged … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Daemon – Chapter 1

Beautiful People Book Teaser

This book teaser comprising the entirety of Chapter 1 of my published book Beautiful People Chapter 1 ~ “Chymeron, time to wake up for school,” Amelia—the girl’s mother—said in a soft tone as she gently shook her daughter awake. “It’s your first day of high school,” she added when Chymeron groaned and tried to turn over … Continue reading Beautiful People Book Teaser

Diangeli Arising: Sanctuary Book Teaser

This book teaser comprises the entirety of Chapter 1 of my published book Diangeli Arising: Sanctuary Chapter 1 ~ Once the earth-changes settled down, the Diangeli knew they would soon have to set to the task of hunting and gathering a food source for themselves. All of them had eaten during the initial chaos, but Maggie, … Continue reading Diangeli Arising: Sanctuary Book Teaser

Wolf: Wild Child Trilogy – Book 1 Teaser

This book teaser comprises the entirety of Chapter 1 of my published book Wolf: Wild Child Trilogy - Book 1 Chapter 1 ~ The DEA agents watched from the woods as a “customer” walked up to their suspect’s door—Lyle Carmichael—a man that the locals called Wolf. * * * * * The head agent slapped at … Continue reading Wolf: Wild Child Trilogy – Book 1 Teaser