Unfinished Tales: Mind Over Matter – Chapter 2

Jarrel explained the situation with Mica and the location he had led him to. “I think that he’s either delusional or perhaps had been kept somewhere underground. He said that he came up through the ground, through what he called a “dark mirror”. He said that he could see the outside world through mirrors but … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Mind Over Matter – Chapter 2

Unfinished Tales: Mind Over Matter – Chapter 1

Mica sat in a circle of street kids with but his arms wrapped tightly around himself, gently rocking back and forth as if he were freezing, except that the room he was in was warm. And though all the kids were in worn clothing and dirty, Mica stood out with his unusual metallic silver-colored hair … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Mind Over Matter – Chapter 1

Unfinished Tales: Lambs – Chapter 4

It would be another five years, but ultimately the humans had mastered their understanding of the alien technology—both offensive and defensive systems and knew they no longer needed the vampire race as protection. Most humans had become “used” to living side-by-side with vampires, but the majority still would prefer them not to be there, so … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Lambs – Chapter 4

Unfinished Tales: Lambs – Chapter 3

“You’re home late,” William, who was already home from work said, as Mica walked through the door. “Yeah, I got a detention for running in the hall. A gang of bullies was trying to fight me and I ran like I’ve been told to do and ended up getting a detention. The Principal is the … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Lambs – Chapter 3

Unfinished Tales: Lambs – Chapter 2

By the end of the day it was clear to Mica, that other than his sister and a couple of her friends, that at best the other kids were curiously distant, with many fearful, and at the extreme end, outwardly hateful toward him like Ryan and his gang of bullies. And Mica discovered the worse … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Lambs – Chapter 2

Unfinished Tales: Lambs – Chapter 1

"No way!" Ryan exclaimed as he saw a black limo pull up in front of the school, letting off a pale-skinned, white-haired boy--an albino. "We got a Lamb in our school," Ryan whispered to the other kids, standing around him, as they waited for the bell to ring and the school doors to open. * … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Lambs – Chapter 1

Unfinished Tales: Karma – Chapter 3

When Ghost had been deemed no longer "desirable" by the pedophilia community, his Keeper had sold him to a man called the Reaper, who got off on torturing and killing young adolescents; a favored disposal method in the child sex-trade world, as the Reaper paid very well for his victims. The man wasn’t a pedophile … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Karma – Chapter 3

Unfinished Tales: Karma – Chapter 2

After further investigation, it was discovered that Martin Palmer hadn’t been the only one to describe their attacker, though he was the only one in the United States. But from other countries around the world, there were several other victims who had reported the same thing that Palmer had and all of them had been … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Karma – Chapter 2

Unfinished Tales: Karma – Chapter 1

“I think we have a serial attacker on our hands,” Detective Humphrey said over the phone to the BAU liaison. I’m sending you the files as we speak. This is the third assault of a similar nature.” SSA Maggie McGuire checked her email as the detective spoke to her. “The files are coming through now. … Continue reading Unfinished Tales: Karma – Chapter 1

My New Coloring Book: Mandalas

Check-out my most recent coloring Book! A fun activity for adults and children alike... The Zen-Chaos Mandalas Color-in Coffee Table Book contains 200 mandalas that can be colored in; creating a beautiful, personalized coffee table book. All the drawings are hand-drawn using a pen-stylus on a drawing application through the use of a mirror-effect process. … Continue reading My New Coloring Book: Mandalas