Stream of Consciousness

As they grew closer to the island to where it could be seen–at least by those with True Seeing–Shana grew excited. She now had her memories back, so she knew what Sanctuary was like; what the society was like, and it was so different from the outside world that they might as well be stepping onto another world, or into the future.

She was still missing her human friends, of course, but she was no longer afraid or angry. She was going home.

Chaos suddenly stood up, having finished his popcorn.

Zen looked up at her brother. “They’re going to be arriving at Sanctuary soon. Aren’t you going to watch?”

Chaos waved a negligent hand. “That’s boring. Just watching day-to-day stuff.

“Wait! What happened with Mabel who turned into a dragon-cat and her daughter who turned into a pig? Did Hooligan do that as well?

Chaos laughed. “No, Albert is a six-year-old boy. He was dreaming that he was married to his favorite stuffed animal and that his piggy bank was their child. I thought it would be a nice foreshadowing for what Hooligan would come to do to the Pastor and the woman on the bus.”

“Oh,” Zen said but then quickly asked as Chaos started to move off. “Where are you going?”

Chaos grinned a mischievous grin and said over his shoulder. “I think it might be fun to incarnate and enjoy Sanctuary personally.”

Zen quickly stood up and hurried after her brother. “Incarnate into a physical body, as in being born into the world?”

Chaos gave his sister a look as if she were crazy. “No, I think it will be more fun simply to pop in and say hi to the inhabitants of the Earth.”

Zen grabbed her brother’s arm. “I’m not sure that’s a good idea. You’re going into the physical world with all your abilities and… well, your chaotic energy and nature. Who knows what effect your energy might have upon it?”

Chaos suddenly wrapped his arms around his sister and transported both of them to Sanctuary, giggling in her ear and whispering, “Then you better come too, Sister, to balance my energy.”

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