Stream of Consciousness

Going over to the pile of wrestling boys, Belial reached in–completely uncaring of the clawing and biting going on–and pulled Hooligan out. And to Hooligan’s surprise when he tried to ghost, Belial was still able to keep a hold of him and he brought him over to the Land’s End group. Shana just stared in surprise at the wounds on Belial’s arms healing over before her eyes and that he was holding a ghost.

Giving a Hooligan a shake, Belial spoke in a stern tone, “Stop struggling and I’ll let you down. I want to ask you a question. That woman on the bus, who turned into a shrew. Was that something that you did? You giggled at the time when Shayde asked if I had done it to her.”

Hooligan giggled again as Belial set him on his feet and Belial cuffed his head. “I asked you a question, boy.” Hooligan rubbed his head but remained smiling. “Maybe. She was being a bitch.” Hooligan’s eyes then went to the Pastor, and he laughed and pointed at him, “And you were being mean to your son and tried to hit Luke for talking back to you. I don’t like you.”

The Pastor’s eyes widened. “You did this to me?”

Hooligan smiled proudly. “I was watching in ghost form just traveling through the town. I do that sometimes, just travel to other places and watch for anything interesting going on. I don’t always take my physical form. Sometimes I just observe as a ghost. I thought it would be hilarious after hearing your son conjecture that you would probably turn into a were-worm, to actually turn you into one. And it was… hilarious, that is. It still is.”

Hooligan suddenly broke into laughter and started rolling on the deck in hysterics.

Belial sighed, picking him up by an ear.

“Ow!” Hooligan shouted but Belial didn’t let go. “Change him back.”

Hooligan became stubborn despite the strong grip on his ear and he crossed his arms in defiance. “No. I don’t want to. He’s not a nice man. He is a worm, just like Craven said.”

Belial leaned down to Hooligan to speak face-to-face, and said in Abyssal, “Change him back or I will skin you alive right here on the deck, starting with your ears, and I will then toss your hide into the ocean as chum for the fish.”

Hooligan’s eyes went wide and he covered the one ear that wasn’t being held. “Okay, okay! Geez, a poltergeist can’t have any fun around you. I liked you better when you were a demon. You would have laughed and thought it funny. You thought it funny when I changed that woman on the bus into a shrew.”

“I did find it amusing and I didn’t really care because I didn’t know her. But the people on this boat are going to be our neighbors. I’m sure Samuel has learned some humility, so change him back now,” Belial commanded.

Hooligan sighed, “Fine.”

A moment later Samuel was suddenly back in his human form except that the clothes he had been wearing as a worm were too small and they ripped off him in the change leaving him naked, which made Hooligan laugh and point to his genitals. “You may not be a worm anymore but your dick still looks like a little version of a worm. I should have changed you into a dick! Dammit! Can I?” He turned and asked Belial who had let go of his ear.

Belial cuffed his head in response, along with a stern, no.

Samuel realizing his nudity, quickly grabbed the cloak from his wife and put it on, as fortunately, it was large enough to cover his privates. He wanted to run off to his cabin in humiliation but he had to ask, “How were you able to change my physical form?”

“Good question?” Archimedes asked, having come over with the ruckus going on, as had the remainder of the adults.

Hooligan shrugged. “Physical bodies are just energy. When I learned how to take physical form, I came to understand that when I learned to make clothing out of my energy.” Hooligan changed his outfit as a demonstration. “I then began to realize that our energy doesn’t end with ourselves, we are connected to what is right next to us–intermixed with it–energy touching energy. That’s how I am able to do telekinesis. When I learned how to do that, I didn’t understand how I did it but I came to understand that later when I noticed how my energy touches the energy around me. So, changing your body into a worm form was just like slapping an outfit on myself. Or at least, I think that’s how it works. All I know is that it does. I didn’t know if it would at the time. It was the first time I tried it. Then I did it again later with the woman on the bus.”

“Can you change her back to human from here?” Archimedes asked.

Hooligan shrugged. “Sure, distance doesn’t matter because I know her energy now. But why?”

“Because I’m asking you to,” Archimedes said.

Hooligan sighed again and closed his eyes to search for the woman, but after a moment, he spoke, “Sorry, I can’t. She’s gone. She’s no longer on the physical plane. Not a ghost. I would feel her in the ethereal if she were.”

“Did she die due to what you did to her?” Shana asked in shock.

Hooligan shrugged. “I’m not a psychic. Maybe.”

“Don’t you even care that you might have caused a woman to commit suicide or someone who saw her and was afraid, might have killed her? She might have been locked up and experimented on.” Shana said in the same shocked tone.

“No, not really. Humans die every day. It’s what they do. Trust me, I know from personal experience. If she chose to end her own life, that was her choice. If someone killed her, that was their choice. If she got locked up and experimented on… I guess she should have been such a bitch,” Hooligan said with a shrug before sauntering off toward the other boys who had stopped wrestling and were watching from a distance.

Shana looked up at Belial and around at the others, not sure how to respond to Hooligan’s callousness. Belial didn’t appear to care at all, as he said nothing in response to Hooligan’s response. He didn’t even look shocked. And though some of the others had varying looks of shock or disapproval, no one had anything to say.

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