Stream of Consciousness

After a bit Archimedes did speak again, however, speaking a word of caution. “Granddaughter, I would advise you for the time being to keep quiet about possessing your mother’s magic. I trust you implicitly and know without a doubt that you will not follow your mother’s dark path but there may be some who may have that doubt when they hear that you have more magic than normal, especially coming from a very dark source. Once people see that you are using your magic responsibly, then it won’t matter, but for now, I strongly advise that this remains between us.”

Archimedes glanced over to the others who all gave nods of their heads in response to the unspoken question that they too would remain silent.

Shana startled, not having considered that but then nodded. “Okay, Grandpa. I won’t say anything but am I in any danger if someone else finds out?”

Archimedes frowned. “Technically you should not be but sometimes when people act in fear, they don’t always act with reason. So, it’s just best to be cautious at first. Right now, you are young and untrained as of yet. So, even with your mother’s magic added to your own, you are no real threat. But once you begin to step into your power and become proficient, then that potential threat increases exponentially. So, I would prefer that people see you for who you are, not for who your mother was; that they allow you to develop into your own person without the stigma of your mother attached to that.”

Shana nodded again. “Alright. That makes sense. I won’t say a word to anyone else.”

Archimedes hugged his granddaughter again, just feeling so much relief and happiness that his daughter was freed from the terrible fate that she had wrought for herself. And after Archimedes let go of Shana, Crystal came over to hug her niece and she whispered in her ear. “Thank you so much for saving my sister’s soul and consciousness. I was young when I asked my father to visit the human world but I remember my sister–your mother. We were close.”

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