Stream of Consciousness

Everyone present had seen Asha’s spirit, but they had not been made privy to the conversation between Shana and the angel, nor had they seen the angel at all. But they had witnessed the blinding golden-white light which had shot up into the air from where Asha had been floating, and then, of course, Shana’s magic settled back down into her physical body again, as that effect was normal. The pillar of golden-white light, however, had not been.

Shana turned and smiled at her grandfather. “She’s free, Grandpa. I set mom free. An angel came to me and told me that all I had to do was to forgive her and love her without judgment and that I could draw her soul from the island to here and reunite her consciousness with it and then transmute it to light; simply by loving her. The angel said that I just had to realize that God loves her despite the bad choices she had made, and let that love come through me to her; to heal her.

“Her darkness is gone and she apologized to me before she left. All of that happened in a heartbeat. I felt when I exhaled a breath my magic suddenly flared outward creating that Borealis effect you spoke of, and then time appeared to stop, and then it started again when I breathed in and drew my magic back into me. Except now it’s not just my magic, but mom’s as well. It was her gift to me.

“I’m not afraid of it though, because I know that I do not choose to take the dark path that she took. So, though I do have the ability to perform her dark magic, I do not have the urge to follow that path because I saw that light and love will always conquer darkness. Not by extinguishing it or destroying it, but simply by shining brightly upon it, embracing and loving it, and in doing so transforming it into the light.

“I’m not sure I can really explain it. It’s just a knowing in me. I was kind of afraid when I had that nightmare last night that my mom’s presence in me might make me dark myself; like she might have tainted me somehow, but now I know that’s not possible. It’s entirely my choice. It’s always a choice, and I don’t choose that.”

Archimedes smiled and went over to his granddaughter with tears running down his face—tears of joy, and gratitude, and relief—and he hugged her. “Thank you, Shana, for doing what I had been searching for a way to do for my daughter.”

Shana just held her grandfather back without speaking; feeling happy and excited now. Any fears or reservations she had before were gone, and she was ready to be what she had been born to be. Now that her memories had returned, she knew who she really was, who her grandfather really was, and who her mother had been, and what she was now.

The others just watched in stunned silence.

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