Stream of Consciousness

When the time came for Shana’s magic to awaken, she could feel it starting without knowing the exact time, so she instinctively moved away from her grandfather, somehow knowing that it wouldn’t be a good thing if she was in physical contact with anyone. And of course, Archimedes knew that as well and he moved further away from his granddaughter on his own.

Shana then entered a state of hyper-awareness, and so she knew that all the others were on deck now but also well away from her, and then it happened…

Her magic flared up out of some tiny seed of magic within her body, expanding to encompass the entirety of her and a bit further out from her physical body like a large aura, and then it exploded forth into the sky created the aurora borealis effect that Archimedes had mentioned.

However, at that moment, time appeared to stop as Shana’s spell of forgetfulness broke and all her memories came rushing back in like seeing her life flash before her eyes, and then she found herself facing her mother in that period of timelessness.

Asha knew that her chance of possessing her daughter was impossible under the current circumstances. They were still too far from Sanctuary for her to have access to any magic, and her father was nearby to stop any attempt that she might have been able to make. So, in that moment of realization, a look of defeat came over her face, and then horror as she realized her fate. She was about to cease to exist as a spiritual consciousness.

And her realization became Shana’s realization because they were still connected in that timeless moment, but then information rushed into Shana’s mind; a way to save her mother’s soul.

Shana suddenly saw an angel standing next to her mother’s spiritual form, not an Annunaki in physical form, but in spiritual—an earth-angel, a guiding angel. The angel smiled. “You have the ability to save your mother from her fate.”

“How? And won’t she continue to hurt people if I were to do that?” Shana asked, particularly concerned about that aspect. She didn’t want to do anything that might ultimately cause others harm.

The angel continued to smile. “No, she will be unable. What you can do is draw her soul to you from the island. You have the ability to do that because at the moment you have access to your mother’s magic as well as your own. Return your mother’s consciousness to her soul, and then transmute her dark soul back into the light and send it home, send it back to the Source; to God.”

Shana furrowed her brow. “How do I transmute her dark soul? How can I make her evil just go away?”

The angel smiled again. “Through love and compassion. Accept your mother’s dark soul—hold and embrace it—without judgment, and simply love her, as God does. There is no wrong any of you can do that will ever take away God’s love. You can channel that love and heal your mother, as love will always turn dark to light. Not in destroying it, but simply in accepting it and loving it without any judgments.”

Shana frowned with worry. “I’m not sure I can love without judgment. I’m just human.”

The angel laughed in an amused tone. “You are Magi and Daemon, not “just” human. And you have the love and compassion needed to do this; to become a soul healer. All you need to do is give the intent to let all your judgments concerning light and dark—good and evil—go. This is not an act of the mind, but of the heart and your own soul. Don’t think about it, simply intend it, and it will happen of its own accord. Accept and step into your destiny and let the magic take care of itself. Know yourself as a loving, compassionate person and trust in that knowing. The choice is yours.”

The angel suddenly left, and Shana held her mother’s eyes again, the horror still reflected there, and she realized that the conversation with the angel had been a private one. And when she held her mother’s eyes, she blew out a long breath, and then closed her own eyes and simply let go, giving the intent to heal her mother’s soul and having faith that if it was meant to happen it would, and if not, then at least she had been willing.

Shana didn’t know how long she had stood with her eyes closed, because an immense sense of love overcame her and spread out like the aurora borealis effect of her magic, but she suddenly knew to open her eyes and in so doing saw that her mother’s conscious awareness was being reunited with her soul which had apparently been drawn from Sanctuary. But rather than a look of triumph on her mother’s face in regaining her soul, there was a look of gratitude, and she heard her mother’s words in her mind before the connection between the two of them broke off. “I am sorry, A’Shana. Thank you for forgiving me and allowing me to return to Love’s Embrace. I was a fool to have ever wandered from it.”

And then the connection broke and there was a bright flash of golden-white light that rose up into the sky like a pillar, and then it was gone, as well as the aurora borealis of her magic, as that was suddenly drawn back within her, like the inhale of breath. And Shana realized that her awakening had been just like that—an exhale followed by an inhale—and everything that had occurred had occurred in that single breath; in that single moment of time.

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