Stream of Consciousness

Shana had trouble sleeping and when she did, she had a nightmare of her magic going wrong and her mother taking control of her body and her own empty soul wandering the Earth. Shana woke in tears, out of grief of what was to be her mother’s fate. Having experienced it in her dream, she wouldn’t want any being to have to experience that, or non-experience, as there was nothing left to experience anything. It didn’t matter the anger Shana felt toward her mother. It didn’t matter what horrible things her mother had done, or that it was her mother’s own doing—no one should simply cease to exist.

Though it was only five in the morning, Shana finally having enough of the tossing and turning and trying to deal with the nightmare, finally went up to the deck to try to find a sense of calmness from the ocean. The full moon was out, but close to setting, so it appeared enormous, and absolutely beautiful the way it lit up the water.

Archimedes had been aware of his granddaughter’s restless night, and that she likely had a nightmare when she suddenly shot up awake, breathing heavy and in a sweat. So, he got up after she had left the room and headed up to the top deck to be there for her.

It was only a little after five in the morning, but she would be awakening to her magic in less than an hour. And though it was unlikely that anyone else would be in danger, Archimedes still needed to be on his toes, because though he knew what was the most likely to happen, there was that tiny fraction of a chance that something might go awry, and he wanted to be there and alert for that potential to avert any kind of catastrophe.

Shana turned to her grandfather when he appeared at her side, also staring out at the full moon, and she frowned knowing that he was probably there because she had awoken from a nightmare. So, she shared it with him. “I dreamed that something went terribly wrong with my magic and that I ended up being the one as an empty soul wandering the Earth. And I felt such sorrow and compassion for the fate my mother created for herself. No one should have to suffer such a fate.”

Archimedes nodded, as he felt the same sorrow and compassion, but still, it didn’t change the reality of his daughter’s fate. “I too feel the same way, but there was no spell or ritual that I know of which would change the situation, and not for lack of trying to find one either. My heart was shattered when I had to execute my own daughter, and even more when I discovered what her fate would be due to her selfish choice, and I know that when you come into your power, very soon now, that knowing that my daughter will no longer exist in any form will shatter my heart completely.”

Tears came to Archimedes’ eyes, which Shana noticed. So, she put her arms around her grandfather wishing there was something she could do to ease his pain and change her mother’s fate, but she simply didn’t know how. So, she just held onto her grandfather and watched the moon set, neither one speaking.

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