Stream of Consciousness

Archimedes stood up and went over to Shana and put his hands on her arms. “It was never my intent to tear you from your home, bring you to a new world and tear you from that home as well. I am heartfully sorry for any pain that I have caused you. It was never my intent to cause you any pain, and if there had been any other way of protecting you, I would have taken it.”

Shana suddenly threw her arms around her grandfather. “I’m sorry for shouting at you, for blaming you. I didn’t know. Thank you for protecting me, Grandpa.”

Archimedes sighed. “I had hoped not to share that part with you. I didn’t want to add fear to what I knew was going to be a fearful experience, to begin with. I saw no need to burden you with the knowledge of your mother’s attempt to possess you if it wasn’t necessary that you know. But now you know, and you know that I never would intentionally cause you pain or trauma unless your life was at stake. I love you with all my heart.”

Shana pulled out of the hug and looked at her grandfather’s face. “Like you loved your daughter?”

Archimedes nodded, tears coming to his eyes again. “What I had to do is something that no parent should ever be faced with, let alone forced to do. And what makes this all the worse is that when Asha’s consciousness dies tomorrow upon your awakening, she will be truly gone. Not passed on to an afterlife, not able to reincarnate into another life where she can make amends for the wrongs she did in this one in order to evolve at a spiritual level. She will be wiped out of existence as if she never existed because consciousness is the spirit. And tomorrow her spirit will cease to exist, leaving her empty soul roaming for all eternity with no conscious memory of who it once was.

“That is a very bitter pill for a parent to swallow. But had she not been stopped, it would have been your consciousness to have been destroyed. Asha was too selfish, too arrogant, to allow you to coinhabit your body, and when your body awoke to its magic, as it will tomorrow, she would have become the most powerful Magi ever to exist, and your grandmother and I could not allow such a dark, evil aberration to exist. It would have meant the end of the world as we know it. All of us, human and non-human alike.”

Tears came to Shana’s eyes in learning the truth, but she nodded her head. “I understand. You had no choice. My heart is breaking for my mother, even though she chose the evil that she did, even though she didn’t care about me; only herself. I can’t help but feel sorry for her.”

Archimedes pulled Shana into a hug again, “That is because you are a caring being Shana. Just know that none of this is your fault or doing. The fault lies entirely in your mother’s hands. She was not raised in a way to where she was forced upon the path of darkness she took. She chose that path herself.”

Shana suddenly realized that there were other people around listening, and she likely had embarrassed herself. So, she turned to Azra, and apologized for her behavior, though she included her grandfather as well. “I’m so sorry for interrupting your conversation like that. My anger took over reason and manners. Please forgive me. And Grandpa, thank you for explaining to me why you had to do what you did, and thank you for protecting me from my mother’s evil. It doesn’t ease the separation from my friends and boyfriend any less, but it helps to know there was a good reason for it. I’ll allow you to return to your conversation.”

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