Stream of Consciousness

Once in her cabin, Shana flung herself onto her bed and broke down into ragged sobs, her emotions of having to leave her friends and in particular her boyfriend taking control for the moment over her other thoughts and emotions.

Once Shana had cried herself out, however, her grief turned to anger toward her grandfather and she stormed back to the upper deck where she found him quietly talking to Azra. Though they were the only two adults on deck now, all the boys were engaged in some sort of aggressive wrestling or play, but her attention was on her grandfather.

So, she went up and rudely interrupted where normally she wouldn’t have, as she had been taught better manners. Archimedes immediately noticed her anger, as did Azra as she approached. So, Archimedes wasn’t surprised at her rude manner, though Azra was. He was raising Marcus to pay strict attention to his manners no matter what emotional or mental state he was in. Though, he refrained from any comment on her behavior, as she was Archimedes granddaughter, not his own.

“Why the hell did you take me from Sanctuary to the outside world, only to tear me from the people I love, to bring me back here again? Granted you made me forgot the people I love here so that I wasn’t suffering, but tomorrow I’m going to remember that; the friends I was torn away from there.

“There are other humans on Sanctuary. You said that they come sometimes when planes and boats disappear. Why allow them to stay, or force them to stay, as you mentioned, but not allow me?” Shana asked in an angry tirade. Her anger and tone are enough to catch the boys’ attention to where they stopped rough-housing with one another and stared over.

Archimedes sighed. “It is true that we force the humans who came here by accident to stay, but only until their anger and fear subside to where a spell of forgetfulness would take hold and not risk it being shaken off. Anger and fear can affect the stability of such a spell. So, when they are no longer angry, we give them the choice of staying—which by that time they knew that no one here was a danger to them—or having a spell of forgetfulness placed on them and return them to the outside world. All of them to date have chosen to stay. We also offer, once their children have grown to adulthood, the same arrangement, but again, to date, none have chosen to leave.

“I made the choice for you because your grandmother and I wanted you to have an informed choice. We wanted you to experience the outside world, not just hear about it, but more importantly, because that scar on your face is more than just the scar it is now. It was your mother’s attempt to jump into your body, which had she succeeded would have severed your own soul, causing you to forever be a roaming spirit on this island unable to move on, and she would have taken over your life.

“Your grandmother deflected the majority of the attack to where the soul exchange failed, but not enough to prevent your mother’s consciousness entering your body to where she could have taken permanent possession of you, forcing your will to the background and taking control, because you were under the age of reason where you could have fought back.

The only way to keep her from taking control was to take you from this island to a place where there is little magical energy. Possession takes a lot of magical energy to maintain, and New York City has very little. Without her body, and with her own soul having disconnected, Asha didn’t have the strength to maintain control once you were out of range of Sanctuary. And tomorrow when you awaken, the power which will awaken in you will cast your mother’s consciousness out once and for all, as you step into your full power. And it is very important that event occurs here, out on the ocean, so that your mother does not attempt to possess another innocent who is under the age of reason.

All the children here are over the age of reason, but I have prepared a spell to protect everyone tomorrow when your power awakens in you so that Asha does not attempt to gain control of anyone. If I had guessed that your mother’s booby trap spell was one of possession, I would have protected you as well from that possibility, and I blame myself for not considering that possibility. But, my daughter’s offenses came as a surprise and we didn’t have time to consider everything. Most Magi when they die through a magical attack, attempt a killing blow to the attacker, which is usually incentive enough to avoid us killing one another.

Shana startled at all of that. “My mother’s consciousness is in me? I’m possessed?”

Archimedes nodded. “Yes, but by removing you from Sanctuary and taking you to a place with very little, to no magic, the forgetfulness spell I cast over you trapped your mother’s consciousness within that sphere of forgetfulness because the spell put anything connected to Sanctuary to sleep, including Asha.”

“What if I can’t force her out?” Shana asked, now feeling very afraid, but her grandfather shook his head. “It will be automatic. Asha won’t have time to take control over your consciousness, because you will awaken to your magic first, and that will cancel the spell; in other words destroying the spell. As Asha’s consciousness is a part of that spell, it will be destroyed along with it. She as sentience will cease to exist. But that is what she brought upon herself, Shana. You were just an innocent vessel for a fate she chose for herself. In her arrogance, she didn’t consider all the ramifications of taking possession of you. She didn’t consider that her mother would take the brunt of her death-spell, which effectively weakened her will over you to where we were able to save you from that intended fate.”

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