Stream of Consciousness

Shana turned quiet again at that point before finally looking up at her grandfather and asking, “Does grandma Pandemonia sleep with other men? You said she’s maenad, which is a daemon race.”

Archimedes shrugged. “I make it a rule not to delve into her personal liaisons outside our marriage Shana, in regards to being able to answer that question one way or another. She’s maenad but I love her nonetheless, and as such, I would never demand that she act outside her nature. I knew who she was—what she was—before we became life partners, and what she does for recreation has nothing to do with the love we have for one another.”

“One of the hardest things you are going to have to do is to accept the Sanctuary cultures versus what you were used to in the outer human world. You will remember some of your life on Sanctuary when your memories return tomorrow, but you also have a decade of human society indoctrination to overcome,” Archimedes pointed out.

“So, is that the same with all daemon, that they have multiple sexual relations?” Shana asked, looking at the people on the boat that she now knew to be in the daemon category.

Belial answered, shrugging, “I have sex with Shayde, and Shayde has sex with Hooligan without me at times. I am possessive by nature but I don’t care if my son has sexual encounters with others, as long as those encounters don’t exclusively take my son away from me.”

Shana stared open-mouthed at Belial’s confession before saying, “But that’s illegal and immoral! He’s a child!”

Belial chuckled in amusement at Shana’s reaction but Archimedes explained, “Daemon culture is different, Shana which is why they have their own town. There are general laws that apply to everyone but the individual towns have their own culture outside the general laws. That is why there is Shangri-La. Those who don’t want to experience daemon culture at it’s fullest can live there even if they’re a daemon. Your grandmother and I choose to live in Shangri-La since we are from two different racial groups but she often visits Daemon Town to freely indulge in her nature, where she has a sister. But there are Daemon who are not into the open sex culture which occurs in Daemon Town, so they live in Shangri-La instead.”

Hooligan suddenly announced with a grin, “I like sex with men. I’m going to live in Daemon Town.”

Shana widened her eyes in shock. “But why Hooligan? You’re just a little kid. Poltergeist or not!”

Hooligan shrugged. “I just do. I like pain and rough sex. It’s what I was used to in life. My mother was poor and had to prostitute herself out to put food on the table and she sold me too.”

Rabishu cut in, asking, “Why do you act so surprised when many humans in the outside world have many sexual liaisons themselves?”

Shana thought about that. “Outside pedophilia being illegal. I guess many do have many sexual partners, but there are also many who are committed to just one partner. At least once they marry. I think that’s the majority. Though humans do divorce and some cheat even when married. So, I guess you have a point. It has always just been my personal preference to be faithful to a single partner where sex and marriage is concerned. In fact, I always made it a point not to have sex until I was married. I really was close with Steven and I thought he might be the one, and the same for him, and neither of us cheated on one another. I know his heart was broken, just like mine when we found out that we couldn’t see each other anymore.”

Tears suddenly came to Shana’s eyes in thinking about that. She shook her head and stood up. “I’m sorry. I need some time alone. My thoughts and my emotions are spinning out of control right now.”

Archimedes nodded. “Completely understandable under these circumstances. I’m going to visit for a while with the adults and the Captain and other crew members in the lounge area. I’ll try not to wake you when I come into the cabin later.”

Shana merely nodded, but then standing on her tip-toes gave her grandfather a kiss on the cheek and said, “Now that I know why you did what you did, I’m not angry with you anymore. I just have too many thoughts and emotions happening all at once to be in any sort of social mood.”

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