Stream of Consciousness

Archimedes stood up and went over to Shana and had her stand as well. He then put his hand on her chest, and when she looked down to see what he was doing she saw a deep blue amulet suddenly appear.

Shana startled and took hold of the gemstone to get a better look. “It’s beautiful. Have I been wearing this all along? Or did you create it just now?”

Archimedes smiled. “All along. It is an amulet of protection, as well as containing the spell of forgetfulness, and until now has been hidden by magical illusion. However, tomorrow when your own magic awakens in you, it will destroy the spell of forgetfulness, and the protective spell which I have placed upon it to protect you will be shattered, and instead, your own sense of self-preservation will enchant the amulet.

“All Magi wear such amulets as an emergency defense in the case of surprise attack. However, if you are attacked, after serving its purpose, the defense dissipates, and it takes several days of rest before the self-preservation spell returns. Magic takes a lot of energy you will discover, and so we use crystals to enhance and focus that magic. Not for every spell, of course, only the most powerful ones.”

Shana looked up at her grandfather. “So, that’s why my mother took the chance to try to kill me. Her protective spell was expended and she knew she was going to die with the next attack on her?”

Archimedes nodded, “Yes, exactly. But the second attack came faster than she had anticipated, and her blow to you was glancing, leaving you with that scar on your face—the result of a dark lightning spell. Your grandmother pulled you out of the direct path of the spell, taking the brunt of it herself, and was only able to survive the attack due to her being a maenad. If she had been human, she would have died. Even still, it required a week of healing. That’s how powerful the spell your mother cast at you was. It was a spell intended to kill. All Magi have a booby-trap spell that is cast just before death, and your mother directed it at you, not her executioner which is normally done.”

“Who was her executioner?” Shana asked, but before her grandfather answered, she saw tears starting to run down his face, so she knew that it had been him.

Still, he explained, “Asha was my daughter. Her mother and I were ultimately responsible for her as her parents. So, we were the ones assigned to execute her. Though it breaks my heart to have to not only witness my own daughter’s execution but to have been the one to enact the execution, it was something that both myself and Pandemonia knew had to be done. Your mother was extremely dangerous and a predator of humans.”

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