Stream of Consciousness

Shana was quiet for a long time, processing everything her grandfather had said, and everyone let her have whatever time she needed by remaining silent. Even Hooligan was quiet, waiting to see how she’d react.

She finally looked up at her grandfather. “You said you can prove this? There is a part of me that wants to believe that you are pranking me, but then there is the part that knows that you have never openly lied to me and that you aren’t the type to pull off this kind of cruel-prank. I say cruel, due to the fact of how devastating it has been to have to leave my friends behind, believing that I won’t ever be able to speak to them or see them again. So, knowing that about you, I feel frightened and excited at the same time.”

Archimedes nodded, “Yes, I can and will prove it to you. I never would do anything so cruel to you for this to be a prank. What I am telling you is the truth. It is real, and tomorrow the real proof will make itself known when you awaken to your abilities and when the spell of forgetfulness falls away. You will remember what happened when you were six. You will remember growing up on Sanctuary.

“With your grandmother being Maenad, and your mother’s personality, we lived in Shangri-La. There are three towns on Sanctuary–Daemon Town, Fae Town, and Human Town; for those who want to live only among those who are most similar in nature to themselves. And then there is Shangri-La, a large central Metropolis where all three groups can and do come together to work, socialize, and mingle.

“So, you have no need to be afraid,” Archimedes continued. “Our society is much less violent than the outside world. Everyone’s needs are taken care of, so there is no sense of entitlement or lack. We all contribute to society in our own unique way, and with our level of technology–a combination of science, psi-tech, and magic–no one has to do the menial tasks that humans in the outside world need to do.

“When laws are broken, punishment can range from mild to harsh, with temporary isolation on the island being the least harsh, public corporal punishment being intermediate, and at the extreme… execution, as was the case of my daughter—your mother–though fortunately that extreme is very rarely carried out.

“Parents are responsible for the discipline of their children, but if it appears that a parent is being negligent, then the child will be disciplined by the authorities.

“A High Council rules over the group, which is like a house of representatives because there are representatives from all the races on the council. I represent the Magi. Azra represents the Nephilim, Maskim Xul the nether realms. You will learn of the others over time.”

Belial asked, “Who is the demon representative?”

“A demonic dragon called Malfasar,” Archimedes answered. “But you are not demon if you are thinking of applying for the job. You are a Fallen Angel.”

“I was… Fallen angel. I’ve been forgiven now, so technically are no longer fallen. Now I am just Annunaki which you would not have a representative of,” Belial responded and Archimedes nodded. “That is true. As such, you would receive an invitation to the Council.”

Hooligan asked in an exciting tone, “Can I be the representative for Poltergeists? I bet you have no representative for that.”

Archimedes chuckled. “In fact, we don’t but we do have a representative for the ethereal planes, and her name is Chimeron. You would fall under her jurisdiction. But even had we not, you are too young and undisciplined for the position, Hooligan.”

Hooligan protested, “I’m centuries old!”

Archimedes chuckled again but before Hooligan could lodge any more complaints, Belial cuffed him upside his head, speaking in a curt tone. “No!”

“Ow!” Hooligan said but despite what Archimedes and Belial had just said, in his mind, he was already scheming of a way to get on the council or at the very least eavesdrop.

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