Stream of Consciousness

Archimedes turned quiet for a few moments before speaking again, to allow Shana time to process everything that had been explained so far but when she looked up at him after a long moment of silence, he continued. “You are in part Magi and part Daemon. Your mother—my oldest daughter—was part Magi and part Maenad. Though Pandemonia—your grandmother—as a Maenad is technically Daemon, she is not a dark person. She does love life and the pleasures that it brings and is not ashamed to express that, but she is not the type to cause intentional harm to another.”

Archimedes’ face turned stern, a demeanor which he had rarely shown with Shana. “Your mother, however, she chose to be dark, and she delved into dark magic, which both myself and her mother strongly advised against. Magi do study dark magic to the degree of being able to protect oneself from it. But to use it to cause harm—that is forbidden in our current culture—where Fae, Daemon, and Human reside together in a peaceful fashion. Those who cause purposeful harm to other non-humans or humankind in the outside world are removed when they are found. Only recently did we find twelve Magi who had kidnapped Rabishu as an infant who had escaped to the outside world but they are all dead now. Sadly, not before causing harm to thirteen innocent children. But the harm they would have done to the remainder of humanity had they not been killed would have been immense.”

Archimedes expression went from stern to sad. “Your father was human. At first, your grandmother and I thought that your mother, Asha was truly in love with him, but then we discovered that she had been using the poor man to practice her dark arts upon. Asha knew when she was found out that the punishment was execution. When one of us turns to the dark in regards to purposefully causing harm to others, the only recourse we can take is to remove them. We can’t release them into the outer world, because they will continue to cause pain and suffering to the humans living there, and also may expose our existence if they are of a mind to take over the world and reveal their powers to humankind.

“Your mother and father did not die in a car crash as you were told. Your mother killed your father with a magical experiment gone wrong, and when discovered she attempted to flee Sanctuary with you when you were six years old. Had she succeeded to escape and elude any hunters set out after her, she would have raised you into dark magic as well, and instead of the kind, loving person that you are, you would most likely have become like your mother, using your abilities to cause harm, to cause pain and suffering. Or if you developed no magic, she would have used you like she used your father and ultimately taken your life as well.

“That scar on your face was your mother’s attempt to take you with her when she knew she was dying. Even at the end, she cared nothing for your well-being but was only guided by her selfishness, in keeping you to herself, rather than allow myself and your grandmother to love and care for you. But fortunately, the blow she cast at you was a glancing blow and we were able to save you. For your own protection, a spell of forgetfulness was placed upon you, and I brought you to the outside world to be raised until such time as I knew if you would exhibit any signs of your Magi or Maenad heritage. With your father being a full human, there was a chance that you wouldn’t have exhibited any magical traits, as is often the case when it comes to human and non-human breeding. And if that were the case, your grandmother and I felt it best that you be raised among humans and to be allowed to live your life among them, and I would have stayed in your life for as long as you lived before returning to Sanctuary.

“It was only a week ago, where I saw the signs that you were awakening to your magic. So, I had no choice but to bring you back to Sanctuary so that you would not expose our existence to the world, nor your own.

“When a Magi comes into their power at the age of thirteen, if they show signs of having magical abilities, they have no control over their magic whatsoever when they first awaken, and they need to be protected, and others protected until they learn to control it. Because of that, I couldn’t risk you exposing yourself and the rest of us to the human world, which is why you cannot keep in contact with the outside world. At least, not at this time. Once you are an adult and in full control of your abilities you will have the choice to remain on Sanctuary or to live in the outside world, or perhaps just visit the outside world. But for the next twelve years, until you turn twenty-five, you must reside on Sanctuary.

“Tomorrow when you turn thirteen, at 6:07 a.m., you will come into your power which creates a very visible effect that humans would have noticed had we remained among them. Out here on the ocean, I can minimize that effect to where at the most it will simply appear as an odd aurora borealis effect to a plane or passing ship, because there is a glamour on this boat which you are unaware of, as a passenger, and as of yet unawakened.

“However, as you awaken, your eyes will open to True Seeing, where you will recognize all those who are non-human. You will see all non-humans as they truly are, regardless of what magic, glamour, or shapeshifting they are able to use to appear human. And you will notice the spell which makes this boat invisible to humans.”

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