Stream of Consciousness

Shana interrupted, “But how come there are stories of angels doing good things if they are Annunaki and created humans to be slaves?”

Archimedes explained, “Well, the Annunaki as a race is no more, due to some unknown tragedy which occurred on their homeworld and asteroid. It is speculated that they lost control of the enormous asteroid and that it collided with their homeworld and brought about the same calamity that they had inflicted upon the draconian and their dinosaurs on Earth.

“So, the angels that you are thinking of are the spiritual personifications of the Annunaki race. When you create life, you become responsible for that life. Whether as a parent, or the creator of a race. So, God–the true One God–not Anu, put the spiritual beings who were the Annunaki in life in charge of watching over humans, because they are responsible for us. However, they can only guide our actions, just as a parent can only guide their child; they are called earth-angels.

The fallen angels and demons which once existed in the Abyss, which was a physical part of Earth are no more. When Middle Earth was destroyed, that affected the Abyss as well, which was also known as Lower Earth. The concepts of Heaven and Hell that you know about, are spiritual dimensions, not physical, and no one is actually condemned to either, but merely gravitate toward one or the other based on their soul vibration. Those with a lower or negative vibration naturally seek out like-vibrations, and the same with higher, or positive vibrations.

But just as with Middle Earth, there were a few survivors of Lower Earth–a few demons– and thus there are half-demons in the world.

Belial interrupted, however. “Not all of the Abyss was destroyed. A physical Hell does remain, similar to behind The Veil where the majority of the inhabitants from Middle Earth fled to. It is from there which I escaped with the help of my son Shayde. Archangel Michael along with the assistance of several earth-angels managed to close the other Hellgates and only I escaped, and he brought to me an offer from God. If I were to let go of my hatred of humanity and gave my word not to kill any humans outside self-defense nor attempt to collect any more souls, I would be allowed to remain. And he said that the offer will apply to the other fallen angels should they also seek forgiveness and let go of their rage.

Our rebellion was done out of love for humanity and the desire to see them free of Anu’s slavery but our bitterness in being cast into the Abyss with demonkind, along with the low vibrational frequency changed our natures to where we turned our rage toward humanity, and our desire to possess as many human souls as possible in order to deny them to Anu.”

Archimedes gestured to Shayde and Hooligan, “Shayde is a shadow demon and Hooligan is a poltergeist.”

He then pointed to Maskim Xul and Rabishu. “Maskim Xul and Rabishu are wraiths.

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