Stream of Consciousness

“Oh,” Shana said, shaking her head, trying to make sense of all this. “You all are messing with me. Right?” She looked at her grandfather for confirmation.

Archimedes shook his head. “No, we are not, and when I’m done explaining, I will prove it to you. Now, where did I leave off? Oh, yes. I remember.” Archimedes continued;

“When the Annunaki returned, they were not pleased with the ‘advancements’ humanity had made and so they created the Great Flood in an attempt to wipe the Earth clean and start over, placing a single DNA line in a special vessel–Noah’s ark as you would know it, and the ark also housed the DNA of all of the animal and plant species which the Annunaki wanted to save as well. The remainder of the humans and non-humans were left to die in the flood, except that many of the non-humans and even some of the humans with the help of Erebus–one of Anu’s sons–were guided to Middle Earth, the domain of the Fae and Daemon. This is where many of the draconian had also fled when the Annunaki had bombarded the earth with meteors.”

“Oh! Like the Lord of the Rings? That’s a real place?” Shana exclaimed and then asked.

Archimedes smiled, “Yes, though the Lord of the Rings is a fictitious story based on some fact. Though it is not entirely accurate, as all history gets distorted over time.”

“So, you said I’m Magi and Daemon? Shana then asked, furrowing her brow. “Does that mean demon? I’m in part, demon?”

Archimedes shook his head. “The Fae you know as elves, fairies, gnomes, dwarves–that sort of thing–but in fact, there is daemon within those groups as well. Fae is considered in general to be light or good, and daemon dark or evil, but those are not really accurate descriptors. There are dark elves which belong to the daemon group, which you would know as the drow elves, and there are dark dwarves, the duergar, and of course, then, there are individuals within all races who choose to do good or evil. So, you can have an elf who does evil deeds who does not belong to the daemon group of elves, but as an individual chooses to do bad things, and there are members of the daemon group who do good deeds. What separates the daemon from the Fae is that a daemon tends to be hedonistic, and in that sense are darker than the fae. Half-demons are typically in the daemon category. Demonkind, however, is an entirely different thing. As a group, they are evil.”

Shana’s eyes went immediately to Belial who responded, “I am a Fallen Angel, not a demon. Though I can and for a very long time have preferred to take on a demonic form because it was simply more suited to the environment I was cast down into.”

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