Stream of Consciousness

Azra began to explain when he saw how frightened and upset Shana was, “Granted, in the past, though I have taken human lives, it has never been out of the need to feed on their blood, but rather in self-defense. I did not need to kill to feed. I took only what I needed–about a pint of blood–healed the wound with my saliva, and sent the human on their way without any memory of the event. But now, I no longer do even that. I now possess a “bloodstone” which your grandfather made and gifted to me which satiates my thirst. Ezra was offered one as well but he chose a different path than I did, and he is no longer alive due to his poor choices.”

Archimedes took over again. “Shana, your Aunt Crystal is also a vampire but she was turned against her will. She was kidnapped around your age by Ezra and turned and also impregnated with Marcus who is also vampiric; though technically I guess he’s a corporal wraith because he was born undead. I won’t go into the details of that right now but just know that they all have bloodstones and so have no need to feed off humans or anyone else.”

“But Azra said his brother is dead,” Shana pointed out and Crystal spoke up. “He is. I killed him for what he had done to me. He’s no longer a threat to humankind. He had been imprisoned by the Knights Templar but had escaped where he then kidnapped me and held me captive throughout my pregnancy and for two years following before I escaped him.”

“Oh, that’s horrible!” Shana said. “I’m so sorry, Crystal. I didn’t mean to insult anyone. I just thought vampires were bad.”

“Many were,” Archimedes explained but the only ones left now are Azra, Crystal, and Marcus and as I said, they all have bloodstones.

“That said, let me add,” Azra interjected. “With the world the way it is, there is very little magic remaining in the outer world these days, and for those who do practice magic, it takes much more energy to do so outside of Sanctuary. So, one day that loss of magic may even encroach upon Sanctuary itself, stripping magic completely from the Earth. And if such a day comes, Marcus, Crystal and I will need to revert to feeding naturally, as we are non-aging immortal. Which means that unless we are killed, which is not an easy task, we will live as long as there is an Earth to live upon. But even then, you have nothing to fear from us, nor does humanity. And even if that were not the case, I have great respect for your grandfather. He saved me from the Atlanteans. I would not disrespect Archimedes by drinking your blood. Nor would your aunt or nephew. But none of us are of the disposition where we would kill a human for their blood.

The vampires which humans depict in their stories and movies are no more. Those were all human turned aberrations, soulless creatures who were in a constant state of bloodlust. The human-turned vampire came about when the Atlanteans captured me and taking my blood, created the human-turned vampire race.

My blood if fed or injected into a human, kills whatever is human in them, and creates an undead creature only guided by its lust and need for blood. And the bite, if the human victim does not die, infects that human as well, and as you can see that would, and did, get quickly out of hand.

Crystal and Marcus are different because of their Magi heritage. They are not without souls. Crystal was able to ward off becoming undead though she was inflicted with the curse. Marcus, however, being a fetus in her womb at the time of her turning was born a vampiric corporeal wraith. He is undead but he maintains his soul. And of course, he is also Magi and will be trained in magic as you will be.”

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