Stream of Consciousness

Archimedes started from the beginning;

“The first sentient life-forms on this planet were draconian. In fact, Earth was given to the draconian race, and the reptiles were their genetic creations. However, at the height of their civilization, the Annunaki came, and traveling on an asteroid planet which made a very large elliptical course through this solar system and another, attempted to destroy the draconian in order to claim the Earth for their own; as they desired the gold in particular which is vital to their home world’s atmosphere. Using large meteors as weapons, the Annunaki annihilated most of the life on the surface of the world, with the draconian fleeing underground.

“Early humans came to know the Annunaki as angels because they were tall winged-beings who followed the rule of Anu–their leader–who the humans came to know as “God”. However, these angels and “God” are not the spiritual angels and the One True God that you are thinking of. They also exist.

“After the destruction, the surface was geo-formed to the Annunaki’s liking, and the Annunaki then began genetic experiments of their own to create humankind, though they didn’t get it right from the start. Human species such as the Neanderthal were considered failures because they were too animalistic and connected to the Earth and the Annunaki wanted slaves who would mine the gold for them.

“So, eventually they came up with the Atlanteans. Though the other human off-shoots were sentient as well. The Lemurian race from which you and I are genetically linked to was as intelligent as the Atlanteans were, but again we were too connected to the Earth to be of any use to the gods, and we were very spiritual. We knew that the Earth needed her gold, so would never defile her in that manner. Though the Annunaki allowed the human off-shoots to coexist on the world, at least for the time being, in case they might find use of them.

“Humanity developed over the course of time, reaching a peak of technology with the civilization of Atlantis, while the gods were away; using the asteroid to return to their homeworld with the mined gold. It was during that time that the Atlanteans began to use the Lemurians for genetic experiments of their own, as they had been at war with the race for a long time, and had in most part exterminated the other human species, at least as a pure race. There is some genetics of the Neanderthal in humans today.

“The Atlanteans, besides slaughtering countless Lemurian with their advanced technology, took many captives and began to create the were-creatures, of which werewolves are one of the species created. There were numerous other types, though very few remain living today. As you can well imagine humanity has worked hard over the millennia in eradicating anything that is non-human and sentient like themselves, in addition to attempting to kill one another off.

“I am from the original Lemurian race, though certainly not the first generation, so I know this history as fact because I have lived it. Aberly and his group from Land’s End are were-creatures.”

Aberly briefly cut in. “I was alive during the time of Atlantis I am a werebear, created from the original were-experiments. The rest of my group are recently turned were-creatures but that is a long story which I will share another time. Just know that it wasn’t forced upon them. Sorry for the interruption Archimedes.”

Archimedes nodded in response but then gestured to Azra as he continued;

“Azra is a Nephilim, which is the result of a human and Annunaki mating. His father was Adam and his mother Lilith. Lilith was punished by Anu and genetically altered into the form of a demon and tossed into the Abyss, which exists deep within the Earth, along with the other “fallen angels”; where demonkind dwell.

“The fallen angels were Annunaki who defied Anu. They did not believe it was right to enslave humanity, and a war ensued, which they lost, and they were cast out of heaven, which in reality was the asteroid which the Annunaki traveled upon…

Shana interrupted. “I thought the fallen angels were evil?”

Archimedes shrugged. “Good and evil are often subjective, as naturally the angels who did not defy Anu, along with Anu himself, believed that they were in the right and the fallen angels in the wrong. But let’s put the debate of good and evil aside for the moment.” Archimedes briefly glanced at Belial who chuckled in amusement, which made it clear to Shana that Belial was indeed the fallen angel, Belial. That made her quite a bit nervous and then the realization that Shayde had to be a demon if he was Belial’s son suddenly struck her as well. Hooligan probably wasn’t since he was adopted, or maybe he was too. But her attention snapped back to her grandfather as he continued explaining.

“When Lilith was genetically altered into a demon, it was unknown at the time that she was with child. Azra is that child or one of the twins she was carrying. His brother’s name was Ezra. Erebus, one of Anu’s sons–the god of darkness, as he was known by some–rescued Azra and Ezra from the Abyss and brought them back to Earth because they were innocents. Except both Ezra and Azra had been affected by their mother’s curse, and they were born vampiric in nature. They are considered the first vampires—vampiric Nephilim.

Shana startled and looked over at Azra with horror, which made Marcus laugh a little, though one look from his uncle, turned his face serious again.

“You are in no danger from them Shana.” Archimedes quickly pointed out, as he saw the fear on his granddaughter’s face.

Shana pointed to them, however. “But they drink human blood! How can I not be afraid? And even if they don’t hunt whatever you said I am, they still hunt humans!”

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