Stream of Consciousness

Once Shana understood that she only had about half an hour to wait, all her frustrations flew out the window and she, finally, after having first learned about this life-changing move began to feel relaxed, and released her anxiety in a huge exhale. And once she let go of her anxiety, before she knew it her grandfather was approaching her with her aunt, and the rest of the adults following.

Archimedes gestured for Shana to take a seat as he was now doing himself. Everyone else remained standing but within hearing and speaking distance, should Shana have any questions of them.

Archimedes took a deep breath before speaking; “Okay, the reason I could not explain to you what is going on is that it is not allowed. It is one of our most important laws because it is very dangerous should humankind discover that non-humans exist among them. Though some of our kind do live with the humans outside of our island, most of our kind migrated to an island, which we call Sanctuary, a millennium ago; an island which is strongly protected by magic and psi-technology.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle. Well, those boats and planes that have gone missing there inadvertently wandered into the glamour which hides and protects our island. There are simply times where the magic fluctuates due to certain atmospheric and oceanic conditions, and when they occur together it creates a ripple in the shield which pulls a plane or boat into the island. It’s not often that this happens, and it’s even rarer to happen when a plane or boat is within range of Sanctuary, but it does happen.

Naturally, when that does happen, we can’t risk allowing the humans who are pulled in to go. At first, they are frightened, but our society is peaceful in most part, and the humans who live among us are treated kindly and all their needs are provided for.” Archimedes paused at that point in order to allow Shana to ask any questions.

“You’re saying that you’re not human? None of you?” She added as she looked over at all the others.” Archimedes half-nodded, half-shrugged before clarifying, “Actually, in this particular situation, I am a Magi. Magi is a sub-branch of humans; Lemurians in particular. Lemurians can also be Druids, or Shaman as well. Though most of our kind were exterminated during a war with the Atlantean humans, a branch of humanity that the majority of humans today are descendant from. You are a mixture of Magi and Daemon, and I will get more into your personal history in a moment. So, please hold off on any more questions concerning that because I have a lot to convey, and I want to start with explaining the true history of this world; not the version humans are taught in school. Though some of the events they teach are really what happened, or at least fairly close to what actually happened, much has been left out.”

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