Stream of Consciousness

Shana came up to the top deck just in time to see Shayde hanging his little brother over the edge of the rail by his ankles. Hooligan was squealing and squirming, begging not to be dropped in the water, as he didn’t much like water. Even giving him a bath was a major preoccupation in their home.

Shana rushed over, shouting as she started pummeling Shayde on his back to make him stop tormenting his little brother. “What the hell are you doing? Can’t you see that he’s terrified?”

Shayde laughed, not the least bit bothered by the blows to his back. “Stop hitting me, or I might drop him. Calm down. He knows how to swim… I think.” He turned back to Hooligan who was still squirming. “Do you know how to swim, bro?”

“No!” Hooligan shouted, which only made Shayde laugh and ask, “Want to learn?”

“No!” Hooligan shouted again, not squirming anymore, so finally, Shayde pulled him back over the rail and then dropped him on his head onto the deck.

“Ow!” Hooligan said, rubbing his head but laughing as he stood up. Shayde pointed at him. “You better keep your mouth shut like I said, or I’ll make you walk the plank.”

Hooligan laughed again and then stuck his tongue out at his brother before running off, singing the Shayde and Shana sitting in a tree song as he did. Shayde scowled because Shana was right there and now, she was going to think that he liked her or something.

He looked at Shana. “I should have dropped him in the water. He’s such a little dick sometimes.” Shana couldn’t help but blush, thinking that Shayde liked her from Hooligan’s teasing, and Shayde’s reaction. So, she decided to just change the topic, as things suddenly got a little awkward feeling.

“So, are you originally from the island we’re heading to?” She asked, in way of idle conversation.

Shayde shook his head. “No, never been there. We came from Avery, that town with the huge gas explosion.”

Shana widened her eyes. “I heard about that! So many people died. That was horrible. I hope you didn’t lose any close.”

“Nope,” Shayde said not bothering to tell her that he had caused the explosions and had freed his father from Hell.

“Well, I’m glad none of you were hurt. You’re lucky.”

She then suddenly asked in a whispered tone, “Is your father really a demon?”

Archimedes who had followed Shana to the top deck, carrying one of the throw blankets for her loudly cleared his throat in overhearing the conversation in order to interrupt whatever Shayde was about to say in response to her question or worse, Hooligan.

“Shayde, Shana doesn’t know anything about that sort of thing yet. I’m going to explain to her later when we’re in international waters. I’m sure your father should have made it clear to you that you should not be talking about these things while we’re docked here.”

Hooligan overhearing ran back over to the group, knowing that Shayde wouldn’t hang him over the rails with an adult right there. “She doesn’t know what sort of things yet?” He asked, as confused as Shana was.

Archimedes sighed. “When I tell her in a little bit, you can listen as well, and learn that way. Okay?”

Archimedes spoke to Shana. “I know right now that things are confusing and frustrating, but once I explain everything, you’ll understand what is happening and why.”

Shana was distracted from answering when she inadvertently caught Azra’s eye and she now saw him differently than she had when introduced. She had noticed his unusual, old world style clothing, earlier but now his gestures seemed so graceful and when he turned to walk off with Belial it seemed as if he was floating over the ground as opposed to walking, and he appeared to be the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Archimedes cleared his throat when Hooligan noticing Shana’s reaction laughed and pointed. “Ha-ha! She’s affected by Azra’s glamour.”

Shayde cuffed his brother hard in the head. “Didn’t you just hear Archimedes? He said that he hasn’t told her yet. So, shut the fuck up.”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot.” Hooligan said, still seeming not the least upset at being hit by his brother.

Archimedes pointed a finger at Hooligan. “Don’t disobey me in this Hooligan. You do not want to draw my wrath.”

Hooligan sighed, and then rolled his eyes. “I won’t. I know how to keep a secret.”

Shayde laughed. “Yeah. You are able to keep a secret like a bucket with holes in the bottom is able to keep water. Don’t worry, Archimedes. I will keep him in line.”

Archimedes nodded and then he wandered over to his daughter, leaving the children on their own.

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