Stream of Consciousness

“So, you going to tap that?” Hooligan asked Shayde who had wandered over to Marcus after Azra and Belial having moved further away to have a conversation of their own.

Azra knew Belial from time spent in Hell as a young Nephilim when his mother Lilith had been cast down with the other Fallen Angels; a curse placed on her having inflicted both Azra and his twin, Ezra with vampirism.

Shayde shook his head. “Nah, she doesn’t look like the type who’d be into what I’m into. Besides, dad will get mad jealous if I fuck someone else.” Hooligan laughed and glanced over at Belial.  “That’s what makes it so much fun though.”

Shayde chuckled and whispered. “Maybe, I’ll flirt a little just to get him riled up. I mean she’s hot, but dad just told us that she’s a Magi’s granddaughter, and I highly doubt he’s going to be training her in the dark arts to where he’ll want me around her much. She won’t even be living in the same area as us.”

Hooligan shrugged. “So, what? We’re not forbidden from visiting Shangri-La from what we were told, and she’s won’t be forbidden either if she wants to hang with us. She might even be living there herself.”

Shayde laughed. “Yeah, if she wants to hang with us. Once she gets to know us, she probably won’t.”

Hooligan shrugged again. “We’ll likely go to Shangri-La a lot anyway and might bump into her. So, if you like her, just tell her, and we can hang there. That’s all I’m saying.”

Shayde punched his younger “brother” in the arm, scowling. “Who said I like her?”

Hooligan laughed, despite the hard punch. In fact, he, in particular, liked to be hit because it had been all he had known in life before becoming a poltergeist. “I saw your dick get hard when you first saw her. When you’re as short as I am, you notice such things.”

Shayde punched his brother again, laughing. “It did not! Stop lying. I said I thought she was hot, that doesn’t mean my dick got hard.”

Hooligan continued laughing. “I’m going to tell dad that your dick got hard when you met A’Shana.”

Hooligan started singing, “Shayde and Shana sitting in a tree…”, giggling as his brother started to chase him, shouting dire threats if he did tell Belial that. Belial, of course, had already overheard the entire conversation as he wasn’t too far away, where he couldn’t hear but he merely chuckled in amusement. Though it was true that he was the jealous type and now that he was in the physical world, he did use his son to satisfy his sexual urges; Hooligan as well. He wouldn’t forbid either boy from seeking sexual relief elsewhere. But he certainly would feel possessive if Shayde entered an exclusive relationship with someone else.”

Marcus just watched as Shayde chased after his brother who continued to tease him with the song but he was much shyer than either of the two boys, so he stayed by his uncle’s side as Azra walked over to Belial.

Azra looked down at his nephew and spoke in a stern tone, “Go visit with the other boys now, Marcus. They are all close to your age. Rabishu is standing alone with his father. Go get him and visit with the were-boys, they’ve moved away from the adults now as well.”

Marcus nodded having learned to do what his uncle told him in the short time he had been with him. Azra wasn’t abusive but he was a man with a stern, serious demeanor who expected swift obedience. So, he wandered over to Rabishu and said in his quiet tone, “My uncle said to hang out with you and the other boys,” he pointed to the Land’s End group who they both had already met.

Rabishu looked up at his father who said, “Go, play with the other boys.” So, Rabishu and Marcus headed over to Mike, Luke, and Wade, as Shayde was still busy chasing Hooligan around the deck.

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