Stream of Consciousness

Archimedes interrupted at that point before Shana started asking more questions, “Why don’t we go put our bags in our room, Shana? Once we’re out to sea, I’ll explain everything to you.”

Shana nodded and followed her grandfather below. But once in their quarters, after setting her bag down and using the bathroom, she asked her grandfather. “So, will you tell me what is going on now? We’re in private. Why do I have to continue to wait?”

Archimedes shook his head. “Not until we reach international waters. Then I’ll explain everything.”

Shana crossed her arms, feeling irritated. “What is the difference between telling me now or when we reach international waters. We’re alone. No one is listening or can overhear if we’re speaking in a low tone.”

Archimedes shook his head again. “I am not allowed to speak of it here Shana, and I can’t explain why without speaking of it. So, please be patient a little longer. “Why don’t you go back up to the deck and visit with some of the other children. You may want to bring a sweater, it’ll be dark soon and it’ll get chilly on the deck, but the view will be nice with the full moon tonight.”

Shana stomped a foot. “Drat! I didn’t think to bring a sweater. Dammit!”

She sighed, her frustration starting to overwhelm her, but Archimedes put a calming hand on her shoulder. “There are throw blankets here in the closet. You can use one of those later. There are shops where we are going, and we’ll get new clothing there.”

Shana sighed again. “Okay, sorry. I’m just feeling really frustrated right now, grandpa.”

Archimedes smiled. “I know, and I’m sorry for that. I really am, but as I keep saying, there’s a good reason for my secrecy, and all will be revealed soon. Now go enjoy yourself. You have other children around your age on the boat to keep your mind occupied for a time.”

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