Stream of Consciousness

Finally, Archimedes led A’Shana over to Crystal and he put a gentle hand on her shoulder to get her attention. Archimedes knew that she had to have known he was there due to her vampiric senses but he just wanted her to feel the contact and to feel it himself. “A’Shana this is my youngest daughter Crystal.”

Shana’s eyes flew wide open. “You have another daughter? What the hell is going on? Oh wait, she must be Marcus’ mother. You said he’s your grandson. There’s so much happening, I can’t get my mind straight.”

Crystal turned to her niece and smiled, though Shana noticed it was a sad smile. “Yes, Marcus is my son. You’re very pretty like your mother—my sister. I was young when I left the island but I remember my sister’s face. That was before you were born.”

Crystal then put her arms out and Shana and coming over to her, she hugged her. She may loathe what she had become but Shana was family. “You’re going to like Sanctuary,” she said as they pulled out of the hug. “I wish I had never left. It’s a much more peaceful place than the outside world. Not that it’s perfect but compared to all the violence in the human world…”

“Well, at least I will have other relatives there,” Shana said, trying to cheer herself up. And the phrase “human world” hadn’t passed her notice but at this point, she knew better than to ask.

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