Stream of Consciousness

Archimedes took that opportunity to guide Shana to the large group of people who were all staring their way. He went up to Aberly first who came up close to Archimedes and gave him a hug, clapping his back. “Good to see you, Archie,” he said in a jubilant tone. “It’s been a long time.”

Archimedes smiled and nodded. “It has, old friend. This is my granddaughter, A’Shana.” Aberly widened his eyes. “She’s grown quite a bit.”

Shana furrowed her brow. “I know you?” Aberly chuckled. “Well, you were very young at the time. You likely don’t remember.”

Archimedes cut in. “I haven’t filled her in on her past just yet.”

“Ah, I see,” Aberly said, making Shana cross her arms in irritation. “I’m glad everyone knows this deep dark secret except for me.”

Aberly chuckled. “Well, soon enough you will know it too. Let me introduce the rest of my group.”

Aberly then turned to the others, about to introduce them one by one but Jarrel came rushing over, throwing himself into Archimedes’ arms as if he were a young child. “Hi, Archimedes! Do you remember me?”

Archimedes smiled. “Yes, of course I remember you, Jarrel. How could I ever forget? How are you doing?”

“I’m doing great! And guess what?” Jarrel then lowered his voice to a whisper and said, “I’m a were-cupine now.”

Aberly chuckled at the contraction Jarrel had come up with to describe his being a were porcupine.”

Archimedes chuckled as well. “I can see that you are a little different than before. But let’s save that story for a later time. Okay? I’m just bringing A’Shana around to introduce her to everyone and then we’re going to bring our bags to our cabin.”

Jonathan who had followed Jarrel over spoke to him in a stern tone. “You aren’t supposed to be telling people that, Jarrel.” Jarrel looked up at his brother, “But I whispered it and we can trust Archimedes, Jonny.”

Archimedes smiled. “It’s alright, Jonathan. Jarrel’s secret is safe with me and my granddaughter.”

Jonathan sighed, “I guess everyone on the boat is safe knowing at this point.”

Aberly put a hand on Jonathan’s shoulder and said, “Yes, and once we hit international waters you will all be safer. We’re underway now so it won’t be long.”

Archimedes nodded in response and Aberly took the opportunity to introduce the rest of the group from Land’s End.

Hooligan waited for the introductions to be complete before adding in his normal excited tone, “Mike is fourteen. He’s the oldest kid here. Well, Marcus just turned fourteen but Mike was already fourteen, so he’s technically still the oldest. Luke is eleven, and Wade is nine like me!”

Shana couldn’t help but laugh as she remembered that Hooligan had claimed to be thirteen originally like Shayde, so she couldn’t help but wonder if he might actually be younger. But then she turned serious and told the others that she was pleased to meet them all. Though the man in the long cloak, the one introduced as Pastor Samuel Wuthers never lifted his head to where she could see his face. He had only murmured a polite greeting, so she started to wonder if maybe he had some deformity where he was ashamed to show his face.

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