Stream of Consciousness

Archimedes led Shana to Azra and Marcus next as they were the closest to Belial and Shayde and Shana noticed that this man was even taller than Belial, She thought he had to be seven feet tall, at least.

Hooligan followed along.

“A’Shana this is Azra Akhkharu and his nephew Marcus. Marcus is also my grandson, making you cousins.” Archimedes put a loving hand on Marcus’ head as he said his name.

“What? Your grandson? But how?” Shana asked, even more, confused than before, if that was possible. She then sighed and said before her grandfather answered, “Let me guess. You can’t tell me yet.”

Archimedes smiled and nodded, making Shana sigh again but then remembering her manners she said to both, “It’s a pleasure to meet you. How old are you Marcus? she then asked, trying to find some normalcy.

“I just turned fourteen a week ago,” he answered in a quiet tone.

“Oh, I’m turning thirteen tomorrow. So, we’re not too far apart.”

Hooligan interjected. “I’m thirteen too! And so is Shayde!”

Shana looked down at the small kid. “You look like you’re six or seven.”

Hooligan scowled and said in an indignant tone. “I’m nine!”

Shana laughed. “I thought you said you were thirteen?”

Hooligan grinned. “Well, technically I’m much older.”

Shana decided to let it drop at that point as it was apparent the kid wasn’t quite all there, and Archimedes took the opportunity to turn to two people who had wandered over though they had been close by to where they had overheard the introduction.

“This is Maskim Xul and his son Rabishu. They are both originally from the island and are returning,” Archimedes began but Hooligan interrupted. “Rabishu is thirteen too!”

Archimedes smiled at the tiny “mad hatter”, as he had deemed to refer to him in his mind, but he completed the introduction. “And this is my granddaughter, A’Shana.”

Shana nodded to both Maskim and Rabishu. “Everyone just calls me Shana. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Are you excited to be going home Rabishu?”

Rabishu shrugged. “I don’t remember it. I was an infant when I was taken.”

Shana furrowed her brow. “Taken?”

Archimedes cut in. “That’s a long story.”

Shana rolled her eyes. “Let me guess. You can’t tell me yet,” and her grandfather just patted her shoulder in response.

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