Stream of Consciousness

Archimedes took the opportunity to take his granddaughter around to introduce her to the people he knew, and also to introduce both of them to the people who he didn’t yet know. He went straight to Belial first since they were already eye-locked.

“Belial.” He said in a curt tone.

“Archimedes.” Belial said in response making Shana startle and ask, “Archimedes? Why are you being called by that name?” Then the man’s name registered and she looked up at him. “Belial? As in the demon Belial?”

Belial chuckled in amusement and leaning down to the girl he grinned. “The one and only.”

Shana startled, backing away a step, not so much that she believed him to really be a demon but because something in his eyes and smile scared her. Her grandfather put a calming hand on her shoulder. “I will explain why I go by Archimedes later when I explain the rest to you.”

He then turned his attention back to Belial. “You can imagine my surprise in seeing you here.”

Belial chuckled. “Don’t worry, Magi. I have Archangel Michael’s seal of approval for being here. God has forgiven me.”

Archimedes raised an eyebrow in surprise; not that God would have forgiven him, but that Belial would have desired forgiveness and also because Belial was known for his deceit. Archimedes detected no deceit in what he said, however, and the fact that he was standing there made it clear that something very drastic had changed to allow it to have happened without any forewarning to the Knight Templars at the very least, and he was sure if that had occurred that they would have asked for him for help in returning the demon to Hell.

“Well, that is a surprise. This is my granddaughter, A’Shana.” Archimedes said in way of introduction. Belial gave A’Shana a nod and then introduced the dark boy standing next to him. “This is my son, Shayde.” Hooligan who had followed the two over added, “I’m his son too! Shayde and I are brothers for real now!”

Archimedes raised an eyebrow at that but Belial simply shrugged and said in a dismissive tone, “Adopted son.”

Shana had been stunned into silence, her mind trying to figure out what the hell was going on with her grandfather being called Archimedes, and knowing a man who might be a demon. Her eyes went to Shayde again, now wondering if he was a demon too. She finally worked up the courage to ask her grandfather. “How do you know one another; you and Belial? And why are you introducing yourself as Archimedes and being called that? What’s a Magi?”

Archimedes put a calming hand on his granddaughter’s arm again. “This is all part of what I will be explaining. The boat is casting off now and soon we will be in international waters and I can speak freely of all of this. Let’s go meet the others on the boat and I’ll introduce you to the ones I already know.”

Shana, feeling confused and frightened now, glanced back at Belial who was grinning at her, as her grandfather led her off. Despite the agreement he had made in regards to letting go of his hatred of humanity, he couldn’t help but enjoy the girl’s fear of him. Old habits died hard.

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