Stream of Consciousness

Shana eyes next went to the dark-skinned boy standing next to the tall man her grandfather was staring at. He appeared to be an adolescent around her own age, and he had pitch black skin, black hair, and unusual “contacts”–or so she believed he was wearing–because humans didn’t have eyes like that.

This boy had no white sclera, but black instead, and the rest of his eye was black as well. In fact, Shana was pretty certain that in the dark, the boy wouldn’t even be able to be seen at all, unless he was wearing brightly colored clothing; except that he wasn’t. He was barefoot and bare-chested, wearing black pants. The only bit of color on him besides black was a blood red earring clip on his left ear.

Hooligan appeared to be much younger, maybe six or seven—if that—and he looked like a little artful dodger as he was dressed in a top hat, long coat, and vest with a pocket watch. And his green eyes virtually sparkled with mischief.

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