Stream of Consciousness

Shana hearing her grandfather gasp turned to him. “What’s wrong?” Archimedes blew out a long breath, his eyes still on Belial as he answered. “Nothing… I hope,” he added. Obviously, something had changed or Belial’s presence on earth would have been made known to him.

Shana frowned, a little worried and her eyes went to the tall man that her grandfather was staring at. But she was suddenly distracted when the small red-headed boy rushed up to her and said, “Hi! I’m Hooligan! Who are you? I’ve already met the others.”

The dark boy who had followed the small red-head onto deck remained near his father, rather than chasing after Hooligan. “I’m A’Shana Marsaillas but you can just call me Shana.” Hooligan grinned then looked up at Archimedes. “And who are you, old man?”

Shana frowned at the disrespectful way of addressing her grandfather, though she calmed herself down as she supposed that “old man” did accurately describe her grandfather, with his long grey beard.

Archimedes smiled down at the poltergeist. “My name is Archimedes.”

Shana looked up at her grandfather in surprise, not knowing her grandfather by that name but then she thought he must be teasing the boy in response to having been called “old man”.

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