Stream of Consciousness

Shana was quiet during the drive, but she spoke when she saw her grandfather after about an hour of driving pull onto a dock in New York City. “We’re taking a boat trip?” She asked, feeling confused. She had thought that they were either going to drive to where they were going or take a plane.

Archimedes smiled and nodded. “Yes, it’s the only way to get to where we’re going?”

Shana furrowed her brow. “What about a plane. What place on Earth can’t you get to by plane? Or is it some island close by? I’m confused.”

Archimedes continued to smile. “Well soon you won’t be confused any longer, but this place though it is an island can’t be accessed by plane.” Shana continued to furrow her brow. “We’re going to a deserted island?” That made Archimedes laugh out loud. “No, it’s not deserted, and I promise I will explain once we are aboard the boat and on the way.”

Shana looked at her grandfather. “I don’t understand why you can’t tell me now.” But Archimedes shook his head. “I just can’t. You’ll understand why when I do explain everything. Just be patient a little longer and all will be revealed.” Shana sighed but nodded. “Alright. I’ll stop pestering.”

As she got out of the car, however, she asked, “What about the car?”

Her grandfather shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve made arrangements for that as well.”

Shana gave her grandfather a hard look. “Are you sure you’re not in any trouble?” Archimedes chuckled but shook his head. “I’m sure I’m not in any trouble, and no matter how many questions you asked, I can’t explain why we are leaving the only home you have known until we are underway.”

Shana stomped her foot in annoyance. “Fine.” Archimedes just chuckled in amusement, though he knew that what she was going through wasn’t easy for her, so he didn’t chuckle too long. He did, however, go over and put an arm around Shana and spoke to help reassure her, “It’s going to be okay. You’ll see. Everything will make sense soon. At least, as to why we have to leave.”

“At least we appear to be going on a sizeable boat rather than taking a dingy across the Atlantic,” Shana said, trying to keep her spirits up with a little joking, because otherwise she would be sinking into the depths of depression and despair right about now, because now it was about to become real. She was leaving her home and all of her friends for good. Archimedes chuckled in amusement but otherwise didn’t comment.

As they proceeded to board the vessel, Shana commented, “The least you could have done if you’re dragging me to some island was to book a cruise. It doesn’t look like there will be much to do, and you didn’t let me bring my cell phone or laptop. How long before we arrive wherever we’re going?”

Archimedes smiled. “Sorry about the poor accommodations, but the boat has comfortable enough sleeping quarters, and I think once I explain everything to you, between that and the fact that you are going to eventually need to go to sleep, that you won’t find the trip too boring. We should arrive late afternoon tomorrow. We already grabbed dinner on the way to New York, but we will be served breakfast and lunch on the boat. Nothing exceptionally fancy as on a cruise ship, but at least you won’t be made to go hungry.”

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