Stream of Consciousness

Once in her room, Shana pulled a small carryon sized travel bag out of the closet and then stood for a few moments trying to decide which outfit she would bring, and which she would wear. She liked all of her clothes of course, but she did have favorites, and what she was wearing wasn’t one of her absolute favorites. Plus, her grandfather had told her to take a shower. So, she wasn’t about to pack dirty clothes that she’d worn all day.

She finally picked out her favorite casual outfit and set that aside to change into after her shower, and then she picked out a semi-formal, but comfortable outfit as her second choice, along with a dressier pair of shoes to go with that. Not heels, but nicer than the sneakers that she was currently wearing, which she would wear with the casual outfit she had picked out to put on after her shower.

Shana then headed into the bathroom to take a shower, which was directly off of her room. And once she was done with the shower and had dried off and put on a fluffy robe for the time being, as her change of clothes was still lying on her bed, she began packing her personal-care items from the bathroom into a small cosmetic bag, sticking a new toothbrush which hadn’t been opened in it as well. She didn’t bother with shampoo or conditioner, or even toothpaste, but the toothbrush and floss she felt she should bring with her, along with her makeup.

After getting dressed and packing her more formal outfit and shoes into her carryon, along with the cosmetic bag, Shana began to look around the room for what personal items she felt she couldn’t live without. She had already picked out what jewelry she wanted after getting dressed, and her personal journal, so she was now contemplating what other items had a strong meaning to her.

Her eyes went to a small three-sectional framed picture with her mother and father and herself when she had been only six years old in the center, and her best friend, Rachel on one side and her boyfriend, Steven on the other.

The picture in the middle had been taken just before the car accident that had killed both her parents. She absentmindedly put a hand to her cheek where there was a small scar which looked like an intricate lightning strike which she had received in the accident. At least, according to her grandfather Archimedes. Though she hadn’t met her grandfather until after the accident, nor did she have any memory of the accident itself. Though her grandfather had told her that the memory would return to her when she was emotionally and mentally mature enough to handle it. So, Shana picked up the picture, folded it and put that in her bag. It was the only thing she had left which connected her to her parents, and she wanted to be able to at least see a picture of her best friend and boyfriend as well.

Though Shana felt sure she had everything she wanted to bring, she took one last look around her room from the doorway before turning and heading down the stairs. Between the shower and taking her time packing it had been long enough for her best friend and boyfriend to come into the home to surprise Shana with a combination birthday and going-away celebration. Shana had already explained to her friends that she would be leaving today and wouldn’t be able to contact them once she did, simply telling them that she didn’t know why yet, but that she suspected that she and her grandfather must be going into witness protection or something, because nothing else made any sense as to why she had to break off all contact with them. Who moved these days who still wasn’t able to keep in contact with old friends or family?

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