Stream of Consciousness

Maskim easily caught up to his son, catching him by surprise as he hadn’t thought anyone could follow in his wraith form. “Rabishu! Wait! Stop struggling. I’m your father.”

Raithe continued to try to pull away from Maskim’s strong grip on his arm. In that form, no human could grasp a hold of him but apparently, another wraith could. “You’re not my father! How do you know my real name?”

Maskim took hold of both of Raithe’s arms so that he could speak face to face and he spoke in a calm tone. “Calm down and I’ll explain. I’ll let you go but don’t run off again. I am your father. The man who raised you stole you from me. It’s a long story and I will tell it but I can’t speak of it here in the human world. We need to go to Under-Realm. We will go through the shadows. I will show you how to get there and how to get back, and I will teach you of your nature.”

Raithe continued to try to pull away, still in a panic. “I want Jarrel… Dr. Montavier.”

“Dr. Montavier is just a summon, Son. Sent by a Magi who was helping me locate you. His image and personality were created from a man Archimedes once knew. I was going to dismiss him once you were safely in my hands. I can’t bring the summons to the Under-Realm but we will return to him later after I’ve had a chance to explain to you what is happening. I know you are afraid but you need to trust me, Son. I could force you to go but I prefer not to have to do that. But know that I will do what I have to do in order to keep you safe as any good father does.”

“Are you really my father?” Raithe asked, stopping his struggling for the moment.

Maskim nodded as he released his grip on his son. “I am. My name is Maskim Xul and your name is Rabishu Xul. Will you accompany me so that I can explain in more detail? It is not allowed for me to speak of such things here. It’s unsafe. You are in no danger from me.”

Raithe was silent for a moment–thinking–but finally, he nodded and his father pointed to a shadow near a street light at the end of the dark alleyway they were standing in. “We will travel through that shadow. It’s a gateway to the Under-Realm. You need only step into it and allow yourself to pass through. Your intent is all that is needed. I will be right at your side. We will do it together.”

Maskim held his hand out for his son to take which he did after a moment’s hesitation. And then both stepped forward to the shadow and after briefly checking to be sure no one was watching, they both simply disappeared into it.

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