Stream of Consciousness

Raithe looked nervously over to Jarrel, not knowing who this man was or why they were being taken somewhere else. Jarrel, in response to the fear in Raithe’s eyes, asked, “What is happening? Where are we being taken?”

“I can’t answer that just yet but I will when the time is right. However, I can assure you that no harm will come to you,” Maskim answered, also noticing his son’s fear.

By the time the three got outside, however, Raithe’s fear overcame him and he turned into his wraith form and fled. It was dark outside now, so no one had likely seen him turn but even if it hadn’t been dark outside his fear of where the man was taking him or what was going to be done to him had taken over any rational thought.

The summoned Jarrel stopped short in surprise before calling Raithe’s name, his behavior typical of what Jarrel Montavier’s real behavior would have been before he had gone insane.

Maskim ignored Jarrel, as the summons was inconsequential despite whatever thoughts or feelings the creature might have that mimicked the human he was resembling. But even if Jarrel had been a real human, his son was his priority. So, he immediately shifted into his wraith form and went after his son, causing Jarrel to do a double-take and causing his mouth to drop open in surprise. Then he just stood there, blinking his eyes, unsure what to do next. So, he just remained where he was standing.

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