Stream of Consciousness

Go get your son,” Archimedes said.

Maskim had wanted to go immediately to get his son but Archimedes would not reveal his location until he calmed down and after they knew the ritual site was secured and the booby-traps removed.  “I’ll clean up here. I’ll leave the human skeletal remains so that these other children can be laid to rest but I will remove Rabishu’s remains to be returned to Sanctuary. I will also remove what remains of the Magi.”

Archimedes then handed Maskim a false NSA identification card, a basic photo id card with a spell cast upon it. “You’ll need this, and also he is no longer with the Special Victim’s Unit in New York but now is with the FBI. You can dismiss the summons disguised as the human psychiatrist once you and Rabishu have arrived on the boat. I used the image and personality of a psychiatrist I once knew who is no longer practicing, and he’s also no longer living in New York. So, there’s no worry of running into the real psychiatrist. His brother has relocated him to a small town down south, but Jarrel’s old connections with the Special Victim’s Unit made it possible for him to gain access to your son without too many questions asked as Jarrel’s worked with the unit in the past.

I need to hurry home now because it’s time for me to bring my granddaughter to Sanctuary. She is awakening to her abilities. She’s at school at the moment but will be home in a few hours.” Archimedes then created a magical holographic image of where Rabishu was currently located, so that Maskim could use that image to travel to him through the Under-Realm; the realm of wraiths and other shadow beings. “This is where I sense Rabishu to be at the moment.”

Maskim nodded in understanding, taking the glamoured identification. “Thank you, Archimedes. I owe you a great debt.”

Archimedes shook his head, however. “You owe me nothing. I only did what needed to be done in the situation. I could not allow the other Magi to use your son as a means to gain power and control over the human world. Many humans would have died at your son’s hands had that binding spell worked. As it is now, I could feel your sons distress at what he had done here when I located him. He needs his father to teach him about his nature; to know that he’s not a monster.”

Maskim put a hand on Archimedes’ shoulder. “Regardless, I am indebted.” He then disappeared into the nearest shadow; a gateway to the Under-Realm.


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