Stream of Consciousness

Archimedes turned toward Maskim Xul as the man approached him, though he wasn’t a “man” in the conventional sense of the word. “That’s the last of the magical boobytraps. Have you disarmed all the physical traps?”

Maskim nodded but was staring at one particular set of skeletal remains which lay on a ritual altar. There were twelve other skeletal remains surrounding the altar and scattered around the room, twenty-six piles of “dust”; what remained of the twenty-six cult members.

He briefly put a hand on the skull of the remains on the altar, closing his eyes in pain. Though he knew that his son remained on the earth plane, it was in the form of a wraith now. He himself was a wraith and he had felt his son “come into being”, knowing that he had been killed. But the fact that he had been killed both aggrieved and angered him.

Maskim and his infant son had resided on Sanctuary originally but a rogue group of Magi who were being exiled from the island had stolen his infant son before departing. Maskim had been searching the world over for his son ever since but it wasn’t until the group of Magi had been killed that their cloaking spell had fallen; their combined magic having been stronger than the one remaining Magi in the world.

“It is good that they are dead because what I would have done to them would have left them begging for death,” Maskim said.

Archimedes nodded, knowing the truth of Maskim’s words, as though he appeared calm at the moment, the Magi knew that Maskim had been enraged at what had been done to his son. Not enraged that his son was now a wraith; that would have been his fate upon death regardless. He was enraged that he had been kidnapped, tortured, and killed by the rogue group of Magi. Also, the knowledge that Narom–the leader of the Magi group–had attempted to enslave his son with a binding spell had heightened Maskim’s rage to where it had taken some time for Archimedes to calm him down to the degree that the Wraith could think clearly. Over a year since his son’s death had passed before Maskim was in the frame of mind to where he would be able to calmly see his son’s physical remains and where he had been sacrificed.

Once he had gotten his rage under control, Maskim had been relieved that Narom had failed, and grateful to Archimedes, as the Magi had cast a spell of his own when Maskim had first come to him explaining that his son had been kidnapped. Though Archimedes couldn’t locate Rabishu–Raithe’s true name–he had been able to cast a spell to interrupt any magical attempts of binding or controlling the child wraith, which would also alert him to Rabishu’s whereabouts should he pass over into death.

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