Stream of Consciousness

Since Raithe’s murder had occurred in Colorado, the special victim’s unit had to involve the FBI, though Jarrel was careful to leave Raithe off the victim’s list and instead placed him in the role of witness, simply saying that after he witnessed the event, he was terrified and ran away and hadn’t felt safe to tell anyone until he finally broke down and told Jarrel.

A small hitch occurred, however, when Raithe was unable to give verbal directions of how to get to the small community which required that he accompany the agents to show them where the property was. And then a larger hitch occurred when Raithe belatedly remembered that the compound was riddled with booby-traps, which meant that he was going to have to personally lead the agents to the temple where the ritual sacrifice had been performed. And that meant that he was going to have to take the chance in revealing what he really was because though he knew that there were boobytraps, he didn’t know where they all were or what type of boobytraps they all were. And that meant that he would have to lead the agents to the temple because if he missed a boobytrap, he couldn’t die where an agent could. Especially, as some of the boobytraps were very likely magical. It didn’t matter that the agents wouldn’t likely believe in magic, the facts were that magic was real and the boobytraps were real and if he didn’t convince the agents that it was real then lives would be lost. So, that meant revealing his true nature and how he came to be the way he was.

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