Stream of Consciousness

“I’m glad you opened up to me, Raithe. This isn’t something that you should have to go through alone. I’ll try to do some research on the matter myself and perhaps we’ll find other alternatives to help make your transition to this form easier on you, or like you said, maybe if your body is buried your soul will be able to pass on and you won’t have to deal with being a wraith at all.”

Raithe was quiet for a long moment before speaking in a soft voice, “Thank you for not being repelled by what I am. I honestly don’t know how you can’t be because I’m repelled by what I am. I can tell that what I do repels you, but you don’t hate or fear me for it. That’s my biggest fear if anyone were to find out the truth about me–not death–but that everyone would know what I am and would fear me and I’d truly be alone in the world. That and the fear that the government might find some way to control me and make me a slave like my father wanted to do; make me do horrible things. I already do horrible things but worse things.”

“Well, we will be careful to ensure that doesn’t happen,” Jarrel said to help ease some of Raithe’s fears, which were well-founded fears in his opinion.

Raithe suddenly broke down into ragged sobs, having been holding all the emotions of what had happened to him until this moment where he felt safe enough to express it.

Jarrel rushed over and sitting next to Raithe, he put his arms around the child, as he was just that… a child, and what he had gone through would have broken an adult down into tears.

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