Stream of Consciousness

Belial and his “sons” got on the next available bus once they were done eating, though they had to sit and wait for a time until the bus filled up before it actually left for the next town.

Belial grumbled in Abyssal once they were on the way, “I can’t believe I’m about to walk into a church. Though I’m more demon than Annunaki at this point, in regards to temperament, I can technically enter a church. All the Fallen can, though it is uncomfortable for us. But I’m not sure you will be able to Shayde, and at the very least it will be uncomfortable for you. Though priests these days don’t typically have the same power they once had, so perhaps I am over-reacting based on past experience.”

Shayde said, “I’ve been in churches before. I was curious. As long as I stay away from any holy artifacts like the crosses, the altar, and the holy water, I’m fine. Besides, they’ll likely be setting us up in the attachment area of the churches anyways, not the chapels themselves.”

“Oh, yes. I hadn’t considered that we wouldn’t be in the church proper,” Belial said, relaxing a little in being able to put that concern behind him so that he could focus more on his long-range plans. He had considered simply disappearing the moment they got to the next town; just moving on but with their names being on a list he felt it best to play out the ‘survivor’ roles that they were currently playing.

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