Stream of Consciousness

When the three got to the head of the line, Belial answered the woman’s questions giving his name and both of the boys’ names and ages, as well and their relationship to himself; naming both as his sons. He then gave her Dean Walters home address and employment. “My sons are hungry,” he added after having given all the pertinent information. “Do you have any food that they might eat? And how long before the buses will be taking us to the next town over?”

“Yes, there is a food tent set up behind us where you can get something to eat. None of you seem to be injured so you can go straight there. The buses will be running back and forth throughout the day, so whenever you get a spot on one. You said you’re not sure if your home was destroyed or not, you may want to stop by and check and gather any belongings to take with you.”

Belial nodded. “That’s a good idea. I hadn’t even thought of that and the military directed us here when they saw us walking. I had been on a break and outside when the plant blew. I can’t imagine there were any survivors in there and my car was destroyed along with all the others. I don’t know how I manage to go unscathed. My sons were lucky too. They said most of the kids and teachers died on the street when the gas mains blew.”

The woman nodded. “Yes, well injured or not, you’re in shock. So, it’s not a surprise that you didn’t think about going home. Your first instinct was to find out if your sons were safe, I’m sure.”

Belial nodded. “Yes. I think I’ll get them fed and then we’ll go check out our home. Thank you. Oh, will we be set up anywhere when we’re transported to the next town or will we need to find a place on our own?”

The woman nodded, answering, “The buses are dropping everyone off at various local churches the next town over, where there will be cots for sleeping and food provided until more permanent arrangements can be made. Those who are injured will be taken directly to the hospital. There are different buses for injured and non-injured and the seriously injured are being driven out by ambulance and military vehicles, and helicopters are on the way as well.”

The woman then handed Belial a card. “This is an identification card so that you can make use of the emergency services being provided for everyone in this tragedy. So, please don’t lose it.”

Belial nodded and pocketed the card and then guided the boys around the side of the triage tent to head to where the woman had said the food tent was located behind as he felt it best to behave as the other survivors were behaving, and he also didn’t want to hear the entire ride to the next town how hungry Hooligan was. Plus, it would give him more time to think and process everything that had been said by the archangel.

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