Stream of Consciousness

Belial and the two boys were directed by one of the military personnel to an area of the city where the Red Cross had set up a triage center. Anyone able to had to walk because all the vehicles were being used to transport the injured. But Belial didn’t mind because it gave him some time to think, the boys walking in silence beside him.

When Belial saw that the survivors were being asked their names and information, he whispered to the boys. “I have decided that our new surname will be Demonis but we can keep our first names once we get far away from here. But for now, use the names you are known by here if anyone asks you your name. I will be Dean Walters, and if anyone asks our relationship, I’m your father but you both have your mother’s maiden name.

Shayde nodded and said, “Both me and Hooligan have been going by Walker.” Hooligan grinned. “We registered as brothers in the school system. So, I guess now it’s really official. I smell food.” He suddenly added. “I hope this line hurries along. I’m starving. The school blew up before we had a chance to eat lunch.”

Being a corporal ghost took a lot of energy, so Hooligan needed to eat often. “Just let me do the speaking unless we’re separated, and if we are, then you do the speaking Shayde.”

Hooligan frowned. “Why not me?” Belial glanced down at the tiny ghost, “Because I don’t trust what you might say poltergeist.” That made Hooligan grin

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