Stream of Consciousness

Belial stopped short and scowled when he saw, instead of his demonic compatriots at the meeting place, a group of earth angels, along with an angel he knew to be Archangel Michael; one of the true God’s angels. The Annunaki who had not been cast into the Abyss by Anu had been assigned as earth-angels upon their death by God, the real God.

“All the other Hellgates were secured before any demons came through. Only you have escaped Hell,” Archangel Michael spoke. God will allow you to remain upon the stipulation that you turn over the soul you have taken from the man whose body you now possess. You know that man was not headed to Hell. You took advantage of his shock, injury, and fear. Turn loose the soul, and you will be free to remain with one further stipulation. God has given you free will and is aware of the darkness you carry within. However, it is not your nature that God asks you to change. It is your ambivalence toward the human race that God asks you to let go of. Cause no more mass destruction to humanity. Keep your acts non-lethal, and collect no more souls. You have no need of souls if you are not in Hell. That currency has no use to you here on the surface of the world.”

Michael’s eyes went to Shayde next and he spoke in a stern tone, “God forgives you for your part in this, Child because you are but a child and know no better than what you were taught. But no more mass killings of humans will be allowed from you either. You have lived among humankind long enough to know that their laws prohibit murder outside self-defense. Keep your dark mischief to acts that do not take human life.”

He then put his hand on Hooligan’s head and smiled down at him. “As your mischief is innocent mischief, God has no issue with you. He knows you had no part in this. Remain true to your own nature, despite your companionship with demons and there will be no problem between you and God.”

Michael then returned his gaze to Belial, who was scowling; most likely calculating. Michael spoke again, “Do not test God. Do not test my power to send you back to Hell. Release the soul. Now.”

Belial held the archangel’s eye for a long time before shrugging and releasing the soul from the black crystal he wore around his neck which he had stored it in. “Will I be allowed to gather tentative souls of those who willingly give them in the event I do get sent back to Hell? You have said that you and God will not send me back but that does not mean that some other force might not do so at some point.”

Michael closed his eyes, silently communing with God. He spoke when he opened his eyes again, “If the souls are promised willingly, without guile on your part, then yes; they will be held in account while the human lives. However, if the human should die while you yet remain on Earth then their souls will be released from your hold. And if you should kill even a single human outside just cause, you will lose all souls held in-account and will accrue no more.”

Belial wasn’t happy with the restrictions being placed upon him but he was free of Hell which had been his main objective, and he was being given the opportunity to remain free of Hell. Still, he decided to bargain further to secure that freedom. “If I take no more souls, even in holding, and take no lives outside of just cause, will I be guaranteed freedom from Hell at the hands of anyone? As you said, I have no need of souls except in Hell. Nor do I have any real need to take human life in a general sense, outside just cause. But I do not trust that others will keep the agreement you are offering. There are still beings of magic in the world who might have the power to exile me.”

Again, Michael closed his eyes and was silent for a time before responding, “Release the grudge you hold toward humanity from your heart in entirety, and God will assure that you do not return to Hell. If any attempt to exile you back to Hell is made, I myself will be sent to intervene, but only if you truly release your hatred of humanity. They were not the cause of your being outcast from your people. It was due to a disagreement about how to treat the humans that you were cast down.

“Anu desired to keep humanity in ignorance and you and the others felt otherwise. In that, your cause was righteous, but your time spent in Hell has turned your heart dark and has turned your hatred against your brethren toward desiring harm to the race you originally desired to free from enslavement; your righteous cause turned to envy and bitterness. Remember your original intentions. Let the rage and envy go. Those who cast you down are no longer living but have been put to task as earth-angels to watching over the race you and your brethren created, as they are now responsible for humanity, just as a father is responsible for his children. You also, as an Annunaki, are responsible for the human race. Turn your attention to that responsibility as if the humans are your own children; as in a sense, they are. They carry Annunaki DNA–your DNA–and they are innocent of the war waged between you and your brethren.”

Belial was silent for a time considering Michael’s words, which rang true. Though he had spent so long hating humanity as a focus for his rage, he wasn’t sure he could simply release his rage and bitterness. “I do not know how to let go of the rage and bitterness I feel,” Belial finally admitted.

“You simply need to desire for it gone. Is it your desire?” Michael asked.

Belial turned quiet again as he wasn’t sure what would be left of his purpose for existence if he were to let go of his desire to seek revenge on the human race. Humanity was what he and the other fallen angels had seen as the cause between the rift between them and their brethren after they had been cast into the Abyss. But finally, he sighed and nodded. “Yes. I tire of carrying the rage and bitterness. I cannot argue your point that the humans are innocent of what happened to me but we had no other way to seek our revenge; to sway humanity from god. Not the true God whom you serve, but Anu. The humans are still worshipping the wrong god.”

Michael shook his head. “The humans know nothing of the Annunaki, or those who do are a minority. The god that humanity worships is the One True God, and the angels are God’s angels, both the earth-angels and the spiritual ones created before mankind, such as myself. The Annunaki have been lost in history and Anu has fallen from his throne and serves God as he once had been served as a god. But the Love of God has not been lost. You simply need to change your perspective to be free of your hatred and desire for revenge. You simply need to desire to be free of it, and it will be taken from you. It is all that God asks of you and your brethren. When they are able to do the same, they too will be free from Hell. It is not the magical seals that hold them bound but the darkness that they hold in their hearts that prevents their release.”

“The darkness is all I know,” Belial responded.

Michael shook his head again, “You were not always filled with darkness, Belial. As I said, your original cause was a just cause. You did not wish to see a race created only to be enslaved, or for a single Annunaki to have power over all the others. Remember yourself as you once were. God knows that you have suffered unjustly, but you made a choice of turning away from the real god, when you turned away from the falsely proclaimed god, Anu; you and your brethren.

God is not asking you to change your personality, only your agenda. He understands that you carry darkness within you and why you do. There is no judgment against you for that. But you have free will. You are not controlled by that darkness any more than humans are controlled by their own. There is no such thing as the point of no return. There is no distance from God that you can separate yourself that is too far from where you cannot return to him, and his patience is eternal. He will not abandon a single child of his creation. He will wait until every single one returns to him of their own accord.”

“I can’t promise that I will return to God. I have an issue with any being who demands others to serve his needs and will. But I will promise not to kill any humans unjustly and will acquire no more souls, and I will release my anger and bitterness toward humanity. I do desire that. But I cannot release that anger and bitterness I feel toward my brethren for what they did to me. God may have forgiven them but I cannot.” Belial glared at the earth-bound angels standing with Michael, knowing a few of them personally.

Michael smiled in a sad way that Belial could not feel God’s love. “God accepts your promise, but know that those who serve God do it, not because he demands it, but of their own free will. God does not place himself above his Creation because his Creation is a part of himself. The separation is an illusion, Belial. It is your narrow view which sees God as above and you below, which sees God as a tyrant and you as a slave to his will. Your hands, your feet, your eyes, your organs all serve the whole because the whole is benefited when all parts are serving their purpose; all guided by the brain. But without the parts to do their part what is the brain, other than thought which cannot be put into action?”

Shayde looked up at his father, wondering what was going through his mind. He didn’t know what to make of everything Michael was saying. Though he knew of the story of the Annunaki and how his father had been cast into the Abyss. He also knew that his own darkness was simply an aspect of his nature as opposed to being based on any sort of grudge or need for revenge. Shayde had no hatred of God but neither did he feel any love for him.

In fact, Shayde wasn’t really sure what love was. He felt a bond to his father and a sense of loyalty as his son. Was that love? If it was, why would he feel that toward someone he didn’t even know? Did the hand love the brain? He didn’t think so. He wasn’t even sure if the hand was aware of the brain. The hand simply moved when the signals from the brain told it to do so. That seemed more like puppetry to him than the hand willingly working along with the brain; the hand didn’t have free will. So, why would someone who had free will, give that up for the desire to be in the role of a hand?

Michael glanced over to Shayde, knowing what the young shadow demon was thinking but it wasn’t his place to explain further. So, he remained silent.

Belial finally spoke again virtually voicing Shayde’s thoughts. “Perhaps in time, I can see things from a different view. You have made some valid points but it feels to me that the lesser parts of the body are still subservient to the brain. They may all be connected as a whole but the body can function without hands, without feet, without eyes, even without some of the organs. And the brain is in charge and tells the other parts what to do. There is no free will in your analogy.”

Michael smiled and asked, “Isn’t there?” But that was all he said before disappearing, the earth angels disappearing along with him.

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