Stream of Consciousness

Belial created an illusion to change the appearance of his clothing as the clothing on the body he was wearing was covered in blood and shredded in most part. He didn’t want anyone asking questions, especially as there were no injuries on the body at all now.

Once suitably attired, he made his way out of the rubble of the gas plant with the boys following and headed into the city proper, as the plant was placed at the outskirts of town on a large piece of property. It would take a little while walking, but Belial wasn’t in a hurry. He had achieved his objective, even if the others hadn’t made it through. Still, he would work his way to the meeting point they had arranged to see who else, if anyone, had made it through their gates.

As the three came into the city, they began to see other survivors out on the streets; some uninjured as they were, others ranging from minor to moderately injured but able to stand and walk. And all of them were either standing in shock or trying to contact loved ones on their cell phones. Sirens could be heard all over the city–police, fire, and paramedic–though Belial doubted that the hospitals would be able to house any of the injured, as virtually the entire city was run off of natural gas, which is why it had made Shayde’s plan so brilliant, from a demon perspective. Belial supposed insidious from a human perspective.

If there was a home or business that hadn’t been affected by the explosion, it was a rare one because even buildings not having natural gas themselves were typically next to buildings that did, as the explosions were large enough to affect any structures nearby. So, there was smoke everywhere, filling the streets and air, making it difficult to see or breath. Though Belial, Shayde and Hooligan were having no trouble breathing or seeing.

Hooligan was in a state of awe, though he wasn’t upset at the loss of human life. He had been a ghost for a very long time and had witnessed mass death in the past through war and disease, and simply human massacre at the hands of one individual as in this situation.

Belial spoke to his son as they progressed to the arranged meeting place. “You have done well, Son. I am both pleased and impressed.” Shayde smiled up at his father. It wasn’t often that a demon complimented another, regardless of relationship. So, it felt good to know that he had pleased his father, and he had absolutely no remorse or regret in taking so many lives, as he wasn’t a demon raised by humans to where he felt any kind of human emotion or loyalty to the race. He had been raised by his own kind and merely enjoyed living in the human world. He, unlike his father and other demons, hadn’t been bound to Hell. He was a creature of the shadows and had the rare ability to become corporeal like Hooligan was able to as a ghost. It wasn’t a common ability, but in fact very rare. And once Belial realized that his son had the ability, he had seen his chance to escape Hell.

It had not been God who had bound the Fallen Angel to Hell but rather the Annunaki whose sole agenda was to preserve their slave-race in order to secure the gold from the planet which was needed to maintain their atmosphere. Tiamat at one time had been part of the Earth solar system but an asteroid collision had knocked what remained of the planet out of orbit to where it began to orbit two solar systems; Earth and another, while the remainder of the collision became the asteroid belt. So, when the Annunaki ran out of gold on their asteroid world they turned their attention to Earth and they created humanity to serve their needs, to dig the gold while they were on their long sojourn to another solar system and back again. But the Annunaki had met a bad end when their traveling asteroid–what remained of the planet, Tiamat–collided with yet another heavenly body. So, the humans were free of their enslavement while the demons remained Hell-bound.

Belial, himself, was one of the Annunaki–one of the “Fallen”. He, along with Lucifer and a third of the Annunaki had rebelled against Anu, who had proclaimed himself to be the one true god. So, “god’s” fallen angels had been tossed into the Abyss where a race of demons existed, deep within the Earth, and Anu had ordered all passages to the surface sealed through their terra-forming ability, leaving the only escape through magical means–Hellgates.

The explosions, the sigils Shayde had drawn in each of the thirteen buildings, along with the magical incantation that Shayde had mentally uttered before setting the fire had provided the energy for the magic to open brief gateways to the surface. And Belial, and hopefully the others, had been waiting for their opportunity to escape.

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