Stream of Consciousness

Knowing that the gate would only remain open for a few seconds, Belial stepped through without hesitation and walked through the fire and rubble, uninjured by the flames and heat. He paused when he saw a human who was still alive and in relatively one piece, though he was near death.

“You’ll do,” He said with an evil grin.

The man’s eyes widened in fear as he saw the twelve-foot tall, winged demon. “Have I gone to Hell then?” He asked, barely able to speak as he edged closer to death.

Belial laughed in amusement. “Not yet and if you hand over your soul, I will ensure that you don’t go at all. I’m sorry to hasten your journey but I need to inhabit your body before you vacate it.” Belial then turned into a dark mist and whooshed into the man’s body through his mouth, causing the man’s eyes to go even wider than before. But he was too weak to fight the ‘takeover’ and the man’s soul disconnected from his physical body. But before it could go on its way, Belial snatched it, murmuring, “I’ll take that,” as there had been a silent agreement made between him and the man; the man fearful of going to Hell.

A moment later, the injured body healed itself and Belial stood and glanced around, getting a better look at his surroundings. He smiled when he saw his son who had been standing a short distance away watching the possession take place, along with a small red-headed boy. No, not boy–ghost; a corporeal one, Belial corrected himself. How unusual. He thought to himself and decided that the ghost might come in handy at some point if he was a friend of his son’s.

Shayde grinned when he met his father’s eye in his newly acquired human body. “Father, you made it through.”

Belial approached his son and pressed his forehead against Shayde’s. “You were successful, my son.” He straightened up and looked around. “Seems like you’ve made a right mess of things. Were you able to open all the gates?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t checked. I came straight here to make sure you made it through. Oh, this is Hooligan.”

Hooligan smiled and waved. “Hi.”

Belial smiled down at the tiny ghost. “A poltergeist?” He asked after a brief surveyance.

“Yep,” Hooligan said with a huge grin.

“Lovely,” said Belial with a grin as huge and mischievous as Hooligan’s

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