Stream of Consciousness

By the time Hooligan and Shayde reached the sidewalk across the street from the school where the other children and teachers were, sirens could be heard all over the city. And a moment later a huge explosion occurred when the school gas line caught fire, followed by a domino effect of explosions as the gas mains all around the city blew; each school triggering the mains in their area.

The explosions were forceful enough to force Shayde back into the shadows and Hooligan back into the ethereal realm but once the dust settled, at least from the local explosion, they both returned, looking around at the destruction and casualties; burning bodies and body parts strewn amongst rubble and burning buildings.

“Wow, did you plan for that?” Hooligan asked, more than a little bit in awe of the amount of destruction he was witnessing.

Shayde smirked. “Yeah, it was the only way to open the Hellgates; a large sacrifice of humans. My father taught me the incantation and how to go about opening multiple gates; thirteen of them. He should be pleased with me. It was my idea to use the gas main and schools. Twelve schools and the gas plant. That is of course if the incantation and sacrifice worked. If it didn’t, he can’t really blame it on me. I did everything he told me to do and said the words correctly.

There was suddenly another explosion a fair distance away, larger than all the others. “That would be the gas plant–number thirteen. My dad should be coming through that gate.”

“Beat you there!” Shayde suddenly shouted before disappearing into the shadows with Hooligan ‘ghosting’ a fraction of a second later, the two arriving at the gas plant almost simultaneously as they both could travel through the shadows and ethereal realms by mere thought.

“So, all the demons from hell just got released?” Hooligan asked, not in a fearful tone, but simply curious.

“No, just thirteen,” Shayde answered. “The mass sacrifice and explosions were enough to open thirteen different gates only long enough for a single demon to get through each one. I don’t know what other demons are coming through, other than my father, but I do know that he hand-picked them. It won’t be random. And he said he would come through the largest gate which would be created by the largest explosion. So, that’s here.”

Zen looked at Chaos in shock but he just kept his eyes on the scene unfolding below, popping another handful of popcorn in his mouth.

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