Stream of Consciousness

“You know he’s reporting you,” Hooligan said as he watched the teacher talking to a fireman and then pointing in their direction.

Shayde shrugged. “Doesn’t matter. They got no proof. I didn’t skip any classes. The firemen won’t find anything to indicate arson.”

“Wonder if he told them how he burned his hand?” Hooligan then asked out loud.

Shayde laughed. “I doubt it. He probably told them he got burned in the fire somehow, claiming he saved our lives.”

Hooligan laughed, then pointed out, “You know you’re gonna be expelled.”

Shayde laughed. “Everyone is.” And with a flick of his hand, he caused the entire building to go up into flames all at once, forcing everyone to shout and point and move back even further than they were. Hooligan and Shayde who were still close to the building watched a moment and then casually moved back with the others to get a better view, ignoring the teachers and firemen shouting at them to run.

“Now no one’s going to school for a while,” Shayde said with a satisfied smile.

Hooligan shook his head. “They’ll send us to other schools,”

Shayde’s smirked. “Not if they’re all burning. Don’t worry. I started them all small to give everyone a chance to get out. But now they’re all burning like this one.” Shayde didn’t mention that it wouldn’t matter either way that the students and staff made it safely outside. Hooligan laughed and then high-fived his friend. “Awesome, dude!” Hooligan, himself, was simply a corporeal ghost–a poltergeist. So, though he was mischief prone, his antics weren’t quite so ‘dark’ as Shayde’s were.


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