Stream of Consciousness

Just then the fire alarm went off and everyone stood up and started heading out of class. The teacher pointed to Shayde who was still sitting in his chair. Get moving Walker, it’s a fire drill.

Shayde turned and sniffed the air. “No, it’s for real. I can smell the smoke. You better get outside before you burn, Mr. Remus.”

“You know I can’t leave the room until all the students are out, so get a move on,” the teacher ordered, making Shayde laugh.

“I guess we’ll burn together then. Let’s see how committed you are to being the last out of the classroom when the flames are coming down the hallway. I’m not afraid of fire, are you?”

The teacher, finally losing his temper, came over to the boy and grabbed him by his arm to pull him out of his seat but he immediately pulled his hand back as the touch had burned him. In fact, there were blisters forming on his palm. “What the…?”

“You better get outside Mr. Remus, the fire is getting closer,” Shayde warned.

“Are you suicidal?!?” The teacher shouted at Shayde.

“Are you?” Shayde retorted.

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