Stream of Consciousness

“Am I boring you, Mr. Walker?” The teacher asked of the dark-skinned boy who was staring out the window. In fact, the boy was more than simply “dark-skinned”. His skin was pitch-black, as well as his hair and eyes–without any whites, making him appear like a living shadow. Which was somewhat fitting, as he was, in fact, a shadow demon who enjoyed immersing himself in the human world.

Shayde briefly glanced over to the teacher and answered in a flippant tone, “Actually, yes, you are. There really isn’t anything of history that you can teach me that I don’t already know. In fact, much of what is taught in history classes around the world is a very narrow, singular view of whatever culture is teaching the subject, and in some cases completely inaccurate.”

Quite a few of the other students snickered at Shayde’s response which earned them all a warning glare from the teacher before he returned his attention to Shayde. “Oh, so you already know everything, do you?” The teacher then began to ask Shayde questions, not only from their current topic of discussion but history in general.

Shayde answered each question as was presented in American History textbooks but then added when the teacher was done asking questions. “Of course, that’s according to the textbooks. He then began to share the true version of what he knew to have been fact in regards to the questions asked. And when he was done, he pointed out, “You know I am quite capable of hearing what you are saying without looking at you. It’s amazing how I can multitask that way–my eyes looking in one direction while my ears are hearing from another. I can even smell, touch and taste things all at the same time. Isn’t that amazing?”

The teacher pointed to the door and shouted, “Get out of my class!”

Shayde simply laughed in the face of his teacher’s rage but then his expression and tone turned very serious. “Why don’t you make me? I haven’t done anything wrong but speak the truth and answer your questions. You’re just pissed because I made you look like the fool that you are.”

“You’re disrupting class! If you won’t go of your own volition, I’ll call security.”

Shayde shrugged, looking back out the window. “Call them. You’re the one disrupting the class with all your shouting over nothing. You must really have an ego to desire that people look at you while you’re babbling with your back turned from the people you’re talking to. How is that not rude? Why do I have to stare at the back of your head in order to be paying attention? Why don’t you just chill and teach the class like you’re supposed to and let me enjoy the sun in the window and the view outside?”

Zen glanced over at her brother. “A new scene? I was just getting interested in the last one.” Chaos giggled but didn’t explain. In time his sister would begin to see the connections.

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