Stream of Consciousness

Azra had been quiet for a time thinking but he finally spoke, interrupting. “You said that Ezra turned you at the time he raped you? A human turned vampire is undead. You managed to hold off the turning but Marcus apparently didn’t. He had to have been born vampiric for him to have tried to drink from you when his canines came in around two years old, which means he is undead, as you are now. Except, being born into the world already undead, I believe that makes Marcus a corporal wraith.”

“What is the difference? He’s still suffering the same curse I am.” Crystal asked.

“True,” Azra said, except that he will have access to the ethereal plane as well as shadow, which means that he may still be at risk from his father, depending on where Ezra went upon his death.

“I hope straight to Hell!” Crystal said, angry to even think that he might be just hanging around in the ethereal realm scheming to continue causing pain to humanity.

“Well, we will train Marcus to defend himself and we will appease his thirst. Then there will be no need for worry but I will let Eldar know of your theory, Azra, to be sure he has protections in place from the ethereal plane as well,” Archimedes said as he pulled out his cell phone to make the call right away, but then added. “I think at this point it might be wise for us to all just return to Sanctuary. I had been planning on returning with A’Shana before revealing her true nature. She’s thirteen and just coming into her power. She knows nothing about what we are or that other non-humans are living among us, I’ll explain that to you later Crystal. There’s also something you need to know about your sister, why she isn’t here but I’d prefer to explain that to both you and your niece at the same time.”

Azra nodded in agreement, and Crystal did as well, wishing she had never left but she had no one to blame but herself as she had begged her father to visit the Outer World when she had first come into her power and then Ezra had kidnapped her.

Crystal then said with some surprise. “I have a niece? You never told me.”

Archimedes nodded. “She was two when you came home at sixteen, living at Sanctuary with your sister. I was so concerned with your kidnapping and then to hear you were raped, and all the legal business. Then you left a month later when you turned seventeen. I didn’t intentionally keep it from you.”

Crystal sighed. “It doesn’t matter. I still would have left. I was so afraid of hurting someone I cared about, and I couldn’t go back to Sanctuary the way I was at the time, or at least that’s what I thought. I remember you mentioned us returning to Sanctuary. That’s why I made up that whole argument and made you think I wanted nothing more to do with you. I didn’t want you to stay here, trying to find me. I’m sorry, daddy.”

Archimedes pulled his daughter into another hug. “I understand. It’s okay.” He held her until she pulled away again and then turned his attention to calling Eldar.

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