Stream of Consciousness

Eldar got Marcus checked in and then led him to a private counseling room. He had already introduced himself in regards to name but now he needed to explain things a little deeper, as he had been able to tell right away that Marcus was indeed a Dampyre, though his human half was more than normal human, it was Magi which combined with his vampiric Nephilim genetics would potentially make him a very powerful being.

“I already introduced myself to you but there is something that you need to know about me. This is not something that I tell my other patients, nor any humans but I, like you, are more than I seem to the world. I am an elf. Can you see through my glamour? You should be able to.” Eldar asked.

Marcus furrowed his brow. “I thought I was hallucinating again. I see an overlay that has pointed ears and long hair, as opposed to the stronger visual round ears and short hair. You’re the same size but dressed differently as well. Dr. Lipkin thinks I may be psychotic,” Marcus added, not sure what to believe.

Eldar shook his head. “You’re not. You’re simply… well, more than human I should say because you do have human genetics but they are Magi, as well as vampiric Nephilim. You’re what is called a Dampyre, or hybrid vampire. Your mother is a Magi, that is a branch of humans who are able to do magic, and your father is a vampiric Nephilim by the name of Ezra Akhkharu.

However, your father is very dangerous. From what we understand so far, he kidnapped your mother when she was just around your age, raped her and forced her to carry you to term and give birth to you. There is an entire supernatural community living on the planet, though our numbers are few, as we are the survivors of the Great Flood and humanities efforts to wipe us out. You are safe here for the time being. I have put protections up. I am an elven mage in addition to being a psychiatrist.”

“Sounds more like you’re as crazy as I am,” Marcus responded.

Eldar smiled. “I assure you I am not.” Eldar then removed his glamour entirely. “This is my true appearance as you described.” He then held out his hand and summoned a small wind devil and released it toward Marcus, which startled him and instinctively he dispelled the wind devil with a swipe of his hand, which made Eldar smile even wider. “You see, instinctively you reacted and dismissed the wind devil.

Your grandfather, Archimedes, he will be able to train you to use your magical abilities, though he goes by the name of Adrian Marseilles in this current time period. Your uncle Azra Akhkharu is your father’s identical twin, except that he obeys the laws of the Council which is a treaty between the Knights Templar—human, and the supernatural community. Your father has broken that treaty in the past and was imprisoned for it but apparently he has escaped, and if he were to gain custody of you, he would use you to further his desire to take over the world with a human turned vampire army and a magical vampire at his side to counter any efforts the Templars might impose against him.”

Marcus furrowed his brow. “If this is true, how do I know that you aren’t manipulating me for your own ends and my father is the one I should trust? And I’m not saying I even believe any of this. I feel like maybe you’re fucking with me to see if I’m really crazy.”

“I assure you that is not the case. I don’t know what else I can do to prove that my words are true,” Eldar said. “My only intention is to help you. Besides being an elf, my first and foremost task is to help children who have experienced trauma in their lives. You have been living on your own since you were two years old, from what I was told, and you suffer a thirst for blood that you desperately try to quench by feeding off yourself because you don’t want to hurt other people. And you are in mental and emotional anguish to where you attempted to take your life.

Your grandfather can make you a bloodstone as he did for Azra and his twin many millennia ago. This stone will be magically bound to you and will satisfy your thirst so that you do not need to drink from humans or from yourself. Though your father was offered the bloodstone the same as your uncle, he refused to accept it, as he preferred feeding off humans. He revels in the fear and pain he causes others, and he desires total domination of the human world and likely eradication of the other supernatural beings, or at least the ones who would oppose him, which would be the majority.

In time, you will see that what I am saying is the truth. I think once we can get your thirst under control then that will ease a large part of your mental and emotional anguish. I just ask that you trust me and stay here in the wellness center where you will be safe. Your father cannot get to you in here, not even through the shadows. Nor can anyone else who might wish you harm. Will you trust me?” Eldar asked

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